Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery & Café

1168 Kenny Centre Mall
Columbus, OH 43220
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Focused specifically on providing baked goods  and desserts specifically for an east Asian audience, Belle’s Bread sits among a number of Asian businesses but remains approachable. This Columbus bakery has many kinds of goodies that can’t be found in your average Midwestern shop. Roll cakes, green tea frozen yogurt, Rice cake based dishes. That in addition to the traditional cakes, pies, and bread are available here. What are you aiming to dine in, or you’re taking some food to go, you’ll this is a pretty nice place to try a few new goodies.

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The menu isn’t necessarily limited to Japanese favorites, but the end result is a great variety of good things to try. Here are a few:

  • Roll Cake: A favorite kind of Street desert in Asia and other parts of the world, roll cake has a lighter, mousse-like filling in between the layers of cake and is topped with great drizzles of sweet syrup. The end result is that it’s not too sweet cake but still packed with flavors.
  • Matcha Frozen Yogurt: The green tea flavor is one of the most popular specific Asian taste, and this ice cream is a good example of that. The specific green tea, or Matcha flavor, is very tasty.
  • Cream Puff: A good example of where Belle’s has skill to bake other delicacies around the world. A German cream puff, without too much sugar, but still with that flaky crust. Even when the dish is not specifically from Asia, it’s still got a quality more common there in that it favors a less sweet dessert that is still very creamy.
  • Tiramisu: Light, fluffy cake topped with just a sweet cocoa dusting and a little bit of dark chocolate for a snap. Deep flavors!

The bakery is set up like a traditional to-go bake shop but it also has a dine in restaurant component. Organized as a walk-up counter where two lines form (one to dine in and one to go) the bakery handles a high volume of customers very efficiently and for that reason the place is also very popular with big groups pf people who want to stick around for awhile.

The price points are cheap and the place runs itself pretty well. All told the experience is pretty easy to like for its new and interesting sweets and desserts which are very unusual in a neighborhood like this.

This bakery will let you try a lot of things that you might not otherwise get a try. And the pastries and desserts that you get here will have a nice, less sweet take. Well worth a visit.


  • The baked goods can be taken to go but they can also be eaten in at the restaurant.
  • There is also an extensive lunch and coffee menu, which brings people in for a variety of reasons.
  • The matcha ice cream is probably one of the most popular things.

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