ele Cake Co.

810 East Dixie Dr.
West Carrollton, Ohio 45449
4 stars

While the name may suggest that Ele Cake Co. is a simple bakery operation, the several Dayton-area locations of this restaurant feel much more like a bistro. With a menu of sandwiches, small plates and other kinds of cuisine with specialties around the world, there’s definitely more to the place than its name. Come hungry and be ready to be filled, but don’t think about skipping dessert; that would be a mistake. About as bad a mistake as missing out on this spot.

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The restaurant mainly focuses on sandwiches and small plates, with some of the cuisine coming from all over the world. Some things I tried:

  • Brownies: These brownies are thick as they are fudgy; ele spares no expense when it comes to nice and sweet treats! The icing on top makes it even more decadent.
  • Cupcakes: The basic cupcake comes on a rich cake with a less sweet icing. But there are more complicated versions, including cupcakes filled with sweet cream and other fillings and topped with icing that is drizzled with chocolate and other things. Almost too rich to bear!
  • Seared Sea Scallops: Huge scallops served topped with bacon over a pile of Brussels sprouts. The bacon brings a lot of flavor, ultimately, the scallops are cooked nicely which makes them perfect.
  • Fish tacos: Tilapia soft tacos with a pineapple relish, slaw, cilantro and siracha sauce on top. A light heat to these small tacos but in the end they are still very tasty.
  • Shrimp and grits: Seared shrimp served over a mound of soft creamy grits with a twist at the bottom; hidden beneath those grits is a fried tomato. Pretty good!
  • Short Rib & potato: Three hearty dishes that would make a meal, except served as a lighter dish: short rib covered in a gravy, then topping mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus. Delightful comfort food.

The restaurants offer their baked goods to go, and to be certain they place their bakery functions pretty high overall. But the great food at each restaurant should not be ignored, because much of what is being cooked here  is really great and really different.

Ele sounds like a relatively simple operation on the outside, but what’s inside is much more refined and more upscale. Dayton as well served by a place as creative as this one.


  • Baked goods can be taken to go like a typical bakery, but the quality of the dishes served for lunch and dinner make this place much more than that.
  •  The menu has a lot of small plates which should not be ignored, they’re just as good as a meal and might be good to share a few.
  • Seasonal specialties on the menu are regularly very good also.

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