AMK Chicago

1954 West Armitage
Chicago, IL 60622
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Setting up shop in the nice Bucktown neighborhood in northern Chicago, AMK is a nice, more modern bar with a focus on good American cuisine, cocktails and whiskeys. The memorable interior of the bar gives way to a solid menu of good sandwiches, small plates and pizza. Make a point to grab a cocktail before you get your meal, it’s a bit of a pricier place, but the experience is worth it. This kitchen is a perfect one to try on a date or out with a few friends.

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The menu focuses pretty heavily on refined American cuisine, some of it more in the comfort food zone and others a bit more modern. Some of the things I tried:

  • Fried pickles: Classic fried pickles with a horseradish-like thick sauce. Very crispy.
  • Mac and cheese: The mac and cheese has just a hint of jalepeno to it, which makes it a bit spicy.
  • Fried chicken: The fried chicken is wonderful; crispy, with a nice crunch and a breading that is just a little peppery and savory. It’s served atop a bed of nice mashed potatoes to balance out that little bit of saltiness.
  • Burger: A double quarter-pounder burger with two thin patties automatically cooked well-done; while it sounds a little kitsch, the end result is a juicy burger which has some great sauces. The fries it comes with are delightful, with a nice dipping sauce something like onion and sour cream.
  • Buffanero Sandwich: A grilled chicken sandwich with a buffalo chicken sauce and a savory slaw on top, served in a toasted ciabatta bread. The sauce has just a light heat to it, not very bad by itself but by the time you’re done with the whole sandwich you’ve been warmed up a bit.

Service is great; the people are generally very friendly, and seem to be able to manage crowds well. Food takes a normal amount of time to come out; perhaps just a tad longer than average but in no way too much. The price points are about normal, and the spot is a pretty comfortable one for smaller groups of people. That whiskey menu does bring something a little different to the table, as well, while this spot does have a bar, it’s best experienced with food, so the dishes can be paired will with many of the bottles lining the wall.

Chicago has many kitchens to bring something new and innovative to the table, but often they’ll fall victim to higher price points, less approachable food or something that makes them otherwise hard to connect with. AMK doesn’t have that problem at all. This spot is a great experience.


  • The whiskey menu is hard to ignore, and the cocktails are pretty good too.
  • The spot is intimate for smaller groups or a couple, because of its size, these are the ideal groups to bring.
  • The sandwiches are less expensive but they’re still brilliant. Give them a try.

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