Chicago’s Pizza

3114 North Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, Ill 60652
websitechicagos-pizza-chicago-pizza3 stars

The very simply named concept of Chicago’s Pizza makes its home at three locations in the city’s northern neighborhoods where it serves up pizza by the slice until 5 a.m. It’s a very simple operation — good pizza that’s easy to walk with — which caters to the walking-friendly neighborhood and the many local bars in the blocks around this part of town. The experience is pretty easy to like for its approachable nature.

The menu is extremely simple, in the best kind of way; ‘thin crust’ traditional pizzas and Chicago-style deep dish pizza for about four bucks a slice, which can be packed into individual pizza slice boxes. They’re pretty simple flavors too, with cheese, vegetarian-friendly spinach, meat lover’s sausage and pepperoni and a few other kinds. The Chicago-style pizza is, really, the best thing to try. It’s so special, actually, because how neatly organized it is; a crisp, buttery crust makes up the base, then there’s a layer of melty cheese that isn’t too stringy or messy, then a neat layer of thick tomato sauce and toppings. This pizza is so often messy and hard to imagine how it would be easy to slice and walk with. This spot, though, has mastered the art.

Chicago’s Pizza has a pretty friendly, affable staff that gets the popularity of the place late into the night, and keeps things pretty simple. Being a place to grab a bite and walk with it or eat in the restaurant is a huge plus in a city like Chicago, where the activity really never stops. It’s a credit to the neighborhoods around it that a place like this is well enough taken care of that it continues to draw a good crowd. If you’re up for a late night slice this one is a definite good visit.

Flavors to try: The Chicago-style pizza here is amazing and easy to eat on the go; which isn’t very common. Give it a try.
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