Carl’s Townhouse

95 West 2nd St.
Chillicothe, OH 45601
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A community gathering spot that has survived decades in Chillicothe in some creative ways, Carl’s Townhouse has been a sandwich shop and diner that brings people of all kinds for lunch. Family friendly and serving up comfort foods like burgers, soups and breakfast foods, Carl’s revels in a simpler kind of restaurant concept; one that thrives in small towns as a familiar place where everyone has made happy memories and the food has that charm that transcends the ages. When this place almost closed, they literally moved the building to a new site to save it. There’s a reason it’s got a place like that in the community.

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Whether you eat at the counter or take a table, the menu is a pretty simple array of diner foods. But this lunch counter has survived as others have not for a reason. Some good things to try:

  • Double cheeseburger: The classic burger is a couple bucks a pop and each has quarter-pound patties made in house and topped with veggies and a sauce. The meals come with crinkle-cut fries which are very tasty.
  • Chili: The chili is extra meaty and very spicy. A heavy touch of that nice chili powder makes it just a little bit hot, but whether you put it on a hot dog or just eat a bowl of the stuff, it will warm you up.
  • Milkshake: A favorite dessert here, the milkshake is just the perfect consistency; it’s not too thick to drink through a straw, but you can still use one as a spoon to get the great ice cream.
  • Pumpkin pie: A fall specialty, this spot actually makes a lot of kinds of pie. The pumpkin version is very tangy and not too sweet, instead it’s heavy with cinnamon and nutmeg. Perfect with a little ice cream.

The diner is a very familiar place; for lunch it brings people of all ages, young and old, and has an extremely friendly staff. There’s a sort of community love in places like this; they’re just so inviting for the many memories people make there. For Chillicothe, this is a local diner that has withstood the test of time. The menu is simple but very enjoyable.

All told, this is a spot where people have been coming for years, and there is a lot of love and local memories in the building. It makes sense to see how much effort has been put into the spot, as it has gone through owners and even had the building moved. Carl’s is a trip back in time and a really nice one.


  • The staff is extremely friendly and will get food out to you quickly. There can be a wait around meal time though.
  • If you want to split something on the menu, you’ll find they’re very welcome to that. The food here is very inexpensive.
  • The burgers are the best thing to try. Give them a go.

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