The Dock Food & Spirits

250 W. Main St.
Enon, OH 45323
Eccentric. Colorful. A resort. All of these things describe the collection of beach themed decor and busy dining areas that is The Dock in Enon. The seafood restaurant has a ton of quirk with it, designed to make you feel like you’re at a beach in the middle of southern Ohio. For all that excitement, the place does a pretty good job with the seafood dishes it offers, and the pleasant experience the place brings grows on you pretty quickly. It’s easy to miss it for its location in a small town, but it’s also so much fun, it’s worth a little trip.

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The little restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood as well as a wide variety of drinks. Some of the things I tried:
  • Lobster bisque: One of the most popular dishes on the menu here, the bisque is creamy, a little bit sweet, and with bits of lobster that pleasantly interrupt the otherwise velvety smooth soup. 
  • Crab dip: This dip is very thick and cheesy and it can be served with a fried pita. The spices in this dip make it shine. 
  • Lobster balls: Actually a kind of beignet, or fried batter with meat inside, these balls are crispy on the outside and sometimes–just sometimes–you can get them bacon wrapped or served with a creamy lobster sauce. 
  • Shrimp: served fried, sauteed or blackened, the blackened shrimp are juicy and meaty and cooked up in a bed of Cajun spices. This one is fantastic. 
  • Stuffed salmon: A salmon dish that is heavily stuffed with cheese, crab meat and shrimp and served topped with more cheese. I like this one because it’s not overwhelming but has plenty of flavor. 
  • Po boy slyder: A fried piece of cod topped with a creamy and heavy cole slaw and put on a bun, this seafood sandwich really kicks. Very tasty.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is just so pleasant, it’s hard to hate. The colorful bar inside is great for a drink, the spacious indoor dining area features plenty of places for big and small groups, and the outdoor patio areas offer a friendly place to dine by a pond. 

Enon is a small town and it’s easy to pass by on the highway, so it’s understandable that even locals often miss this spot. That’s a shame, because it makes a great seafood experience on reasonable prices. It’s worth a try. 


  • Hours are different every day, the restaurant is closed Mondays and is generally only open for dinner and later night. Consult the website.
  • In nice weather, the patio here is very pleasant. 
  • There are special dining menus, such as clam bake weekends, prime rib nights, restaurant week and things similar to this, in addition to the big menu.

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