DiSalvo’s Deli

1383 E. Stroop Rd.
Kettering, OH 45429
5 stars
Related to the very fancy Mama DiSalvo’s Italian Restaurant next door, DiSalvo’s Deli is a separate business with a whole different focus. Operated as a deli and sandwich shop, this spot offers a variety of quick-serve, custom order sandwiches to dine in, or take to-go. While it’s a different kind of operation, the same level of quality pervades this spot and its eats. You will definitely find a few sandwiches that will keep you wanting to come back, and take a few things to go while you’re at it.

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Sandwiches dominate the menu. Among the best of them:

  • Soppressata Sub: Made with soppressata, or a dry Italian pork salami, this sub has the right balance of good things — the salty meat and crisp veggies are offset with a delicious Italian dressing that is sweet and a bit vinegary. Great when toasted.
  • Meatball Sub: An enormous sub with big chopped meatballs and slathered with a sweet tomato sauce. Then it’s all toasted for good measure. Very good if you have a big appetite.
  • Glazed salmon: The deli also makes some other kinds of dishes if you prefer them, such as this baked salmon recipe with a glaze that is something like a sweet chili sauce that gives it a mild spice. Pretty good!
  • Cole slaw: The deli does plenty of salads and side dishes to your liking, but this cole slaw is worth a special mention. On top of the regular cabbage and corn options, the slaw comes loaded with everything; cabbage and carrots and a vinegar base and some crunchy wonton for good measure. Love it.
  • Stuffed peppers: Another good appetizer, these peppers aren’t too sweet, but they’re filled with cheese and a little meat. A bit oily, but don’t one whole. There’s a lot more to them than they seem.

The deli is, unlike its fancier next door neighbor, a primarily grab and go place. It’s a little bit of a shop inside with meats and many kinds of Italian ingredients to be purchased, with the sandwiches and food being only part of the business. The sandwiches are made to order and taken to be eaten. I recommend taking a look at the customizable sub menu, which lets you put anything you want in a sandwich. In true deli tradition, you can take anything you like home with you.

The restaurant gets the fame in town, but this sandwich shop should not be overlooked. It’s one of the best examples of a good sandwich place in Dayton.


  • The shop is a classic Italian deli, so there are many quality ingredients, meats oils and cheeses for sale here too, don’t forget.
  • Unlike next door, this is a very casual joint and has a very toned down atmosphere. Food works to-go.
  • There is a customizable sub menu letting you put just about anything you like on a sandwich. Worth a try.

DiSalvo's Deli & Italian Store Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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