Osaka Sushi & Hibachi Bar

8901 Kingsridge Dr.
Dayton, OH 45458
websiteOsaka (Dayton, OH)5 stars

While there are a few Asian-themed buffets around Dayton, what Osaka Japanese Steakhouse offers the region is a very unique experience. Opened in what has for several years been a series of family dining restaurants, this one is a higher-priced buffet of Far Eastern cuisines you won’t find in many other places around town, and certainly not all under one roof. From Peking duck to octopus, frog legs and, yes, a sushi conveyor belt, this spot is a place to go when you’re feeling like a very adventurous experience.

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The buffet experience is all higher-quality dishes with the option to enjoy a lot of unique dishes that you won’t otherwise find elsewhere. Some of the things you’ll try:

  • Peking duck: This recipe of roasted duck is definitely one of the more unique things to be found here, but no less delicious. Duck meat is a bit more savory and the cook gives it all a nice crunch.
  • Frog legs: Taste like chicken? Not really, but the seasoning on the dish here really makes a good difference. Definitley to try if you’ve never had them, these are my favorite frog legs in Dayton.
  • Pepper chicken: The classic Chinese food dish is intensely crunchy, and in fact it is a bit spicy with those peppers. But this is one of my favorite takes on the dish in town, the quality of ingredients makes a difference in the taste.
  • Crab legs: These crab legs are relatively straightforward, but they’re also served in a heavy garlic mixture that gives a bit of kick, though it can at times override the taste of the crab meat.
  • Prawns: OK, so these are served as “shrimp” but they’re actually one of the larger species normally known as prawns in the United States. Crispy, served up with the head still on (it’s good to eat.)
  • Crab Rangoon: A rare miss for the restaurant, I can’t find much crab or filling in these, other than cream cheese.

And yes, there is a sushi conveyor belt. It’s not the “authentic” Japanese version of this concept (that entails a conveyor belt going by your table, so you don’t have to get up or talk to anyone) but the end result is still good mid-grade sushi.

  • Spicy tuna roll: Served with the tuna on top and the inside filled with veggies and crab. A spicy mayo tops it off.
  • Crab roll: Served with avocado on top, this roll feels a bit heavier.
  • Unagi roll: A dark sauce atop the roll gives it some dimension. That unagi is great, a little grilled.

This spot is well worth the experience it provides, and while the price points are a little higher than you might otherwise expect (around $15 per person for dinner, about twice the average buffet around town) this spot is well worth the experience.


  • Come here with an adventurous diner! Many of the dishes here are unique or rare to find elsewhere in Dayton.
  • There’s one buffet, including the sushi, so you should come in with the expectation to try all of the food.
  • Prices are a bit higher than average, but food quality is absolutely there.

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