Engineer’s Club of Dayton

110 E Monument Ave.
Dayton, OH 45402
websiteEngineer's Club (Dayton, OH)4 stars

A private club in the heart of downtown Dayton, the Engineer’s Club of Dayton is a members’ organization and gathering place in a historic downtown building. Founded for Dayton’s thinkers and intellectuals by big names including Charles Kettering and Orville Wright, this spot hosts private events and other kinds of functions. The environment rings of history and the walls are decorated of the many exploits of Engineer’s Club members over their lifetimes, but the breakfast and lunch service is worth a try if you can find someone to get you in.

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The club has plenty of different kinds of food, but its menu generally focuses on American cuisine, owning to its traditionally older demographic. Some of the things I have tried:

  • Salad bar: You can put just about anything you want in your salad at the salad bar which includes egg salads, veggies, dressings and other kinds of things.
  • Fried cod: This crispy cod is crunchy on the outside, just a little moist and juicy on the inside. I love the sauce that comes with it, too.
  • BLT Sandwich: This sandwich comes with half a dozen crispy strips of bacon and a hefty amount of mayonnaise if that’s your thing. Tasty.
  • Pork and rice soup: One of the choices for soup that are occasionally available for events and other things. I like it for its thickness.

The Engineer’s Club has a few different sizes of venue; the main ground floor has a dining area where members and their guests can enjoy some food, while the basement features a bar with drinks and some cocktails. The top floor spaces tend to be for events, and they have a few spaces that host lunch groups, weddings and other things like that.

The club has an air of history to it; mounted animals line the walls, and the many photos of club members who have come and gone through the years are lining the walls. It has a comfortable, and very austere feel to it. The place is definitely one where people like to go and spend time talking about the bigger things of the world.

All told, the Engineer’s Club is a glimpse into Dayton’s history. If you make a few friends with the members, you might find it’s worthwhile.


  • The Engineer’s Club is members-only, though if you are invited by a member you would be able to pay a visit and come to the lunch service, with a salad bar and other kinds of lunch sandwiches and things.
  • The venue also hosts plenty of events and big kinds of weddings and things like that. It’s likely there are a few chances to do that.
  • Give a try to the bar in the basement if you like. A place for thinkers.

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