The Coffee Pot

537 S Broadway St #101
Greenville, OH 45331
websiteThe Coffee Pot (Greenville, OH)3 stars

Greenville, Ohio is about as small-town-America as they come, and this border town between Dayton and Indianapolis is home to a lot of wonderful experiences you would only find in a place like that. Its homely charm extends to the local restaurant scene, where charming unique concepts abound. One of the main coffee shops in town, The Coffee Pot has it all—good coffee, nice drinks, baked goodies and soups and sandwiches that will keep you coming back for lunch, as well. This is the right kind of coffee shop to spend the afternoon relaxing with a good book or conversation.

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The menu is a typical coffeehouse menu of baked goods, coffees, drinks hot and cold and soups and sandwiches for lunch. Some of the things I’ve tried.

  • Sweet Club Wrap: The wrap is filled with ham and veggies and a vinegarette-like sauce that adds brightness to the ingredients.
  • Quiche: I really love this one, for the very flaky, buttery crust that makes it so tasty. The full eggs and spinach filling inside makes it very filling.
  • Scone: Classic coffee shop baking, this scone is a very crisp and the dough itself is a bit lighter on the sweet, which is perfect because it’s filled with chocolate chips or fruit which gives a little extra dimension.
  • Chai Latte: The latte is extra spicy, just right if you like that chai spice on the heavier end. I suggest this one if you plan to stick around for awhile, it’s going to be one you want to drink over a period of time.
  • Macchiato: A little bit of bit in this one! A light espresso with some foam on top that. Brilliant.

The character of this historic building shines through with The Coffee Pot, and the heavy wooden interior still has that warm, comforting charm that makes you want to return. And the foot traffic speaks for itself; Coffee Pot brings a huge number of people in and out of its doors over the course of the morning. Many like to stay and drink, and it’s telling that just about every age group can be found enjoying time together.

This shop is very cozy and comfortable, and the food goes along with that theme. All in all, that’s the kind of warm and inviting that makes small towns like Greenville so charming. This coffee shop is well worth its trip.


  • The shop is ideal for foot traffic, so if you are walking through town and want to grab something quick, this is a good place.
  • On the other side, the shop is extremely comfortable and I would highly suggest it as a place to linger and spend some time.
  • The lunch specials make a light lunch here perfect. Go for that if you’re hungry.

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