Designer Dogs

2727 Fairfield Commons Blvd, Booth f205,
Beavercreek, OH 45431
Facebook pageDesigner Dogs (Beavercreek, OH)4 stars

As the product of a lawyer-turned restaurateur, Designer Dogs offers gourmet hot dog options for the diners of the Mall at Fairfield Commons. A food court is a simple place to start something great, and this little stand definitely delivers something really fun on the front end. Gourmet hot dogs are a tricky thing to pull of and be worth the money, but this place does them in a very memorable way, I have to say I am impressed by what I have tried.

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About half a dozen regular hot dogs populate the menu, coupled with a few regularly changing custom dogs to add a little spice. The dogs can be grilled or fried, and I would say frying adds a little snap to the dogs but otherwise they’re fine. Some of the good ones on the menu:

  • West Virginia Dog: Covered in chili sauce, cole slaw, mustard and onions, this one has a sweet and savory mix on top. Good if you like sweeter things.
  • Chicago Hot Dog: The classic Chicago favorite! “Drug through the garden” with sport peppers, onions, tomato, pickle, mustard and celery salt. The dog is obviously different but it’s a great local take.
  • Mac Dog: The secret to this one is that wonderful mac and cheese on top: it’s a combo of white cheddar and gruyere with bread crumbs on top. Tasty.
  • Classic Chili Dog: I love that savory chili, just a very slight warmth to it, as well as the handfuls of cheese on top. Kind of like a Cincinnati-style coney. Wonderful.

The stand is a very pleasant experience, with walk-up service it’s just a matter of getting the food and going, but still it’s an extremely charming experience. A lot of good foods to be tried here. The people are nice and while everything is cooked to order, in fact that doesn’t take much time at all. Price points are pretty good, and the mall makes for a pretty easy experience.

All told, I hope the place continues its evolution, I love to see little shops like this continue to succeed. Designer Dogs has a lot of great things to offer. This stall is worth a try.


  • The company’s social media will tip you off to some of the good daily options.
  • Make a dog a combo meal with a side and a drink for not a whole lot more.
  • The mac and cheese is worth trying, either in a dog or on the side, for its combo of cheeses.

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