TownHall Ohio City

1909 W 25th St,
Cleveland, OH 44113
A relatively progressive concept which is settled its way into the Cleveland suburb of Ohio City, TownHall offers an eclectic menu  of traditional American cuisine paired with ethnic tinged favorites from around the world. Created with the additional backdrop of offering GMO free ingredients,  The restaurant benefits from the great variety of foods that it offer, as well as the great menu of craft beer, to produce an overall very memorable experience. It’s great to see  how places like this have really changed the face of Ohio City.

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It’s pretty hard to describe the menu by category, generally the dishes are pulled from all of the world, from flatbreads to Thai inspired rice bowls, with options for vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes, paleo-diet friendly and others. Everything has something special to offer.
  • Lamb Burger: This rich burger is seasoned nicely with a strong flavor. What makes it great though is a Tzatziki cucumber goat cheese topping that adds a little saltiness to it, and then topped with pickled red onions, oregano and shredded romaine.
  • Thai Peanut Bowl: This hot bowl is built with a rice base and a ton of peppers and stir fried veggies topped with a Thai-inspired peanut sauce and your choice of protein. I liked the spicy chicken for its kick. Not too hot but still great. Other options include tofu or a vegan substitute.
  • Truffle Fries: These fries are close cut, then seasoned with white truffle oil, Parmesan cheese and rosemary to give them a strikingly savory aroma. Great starter or shareable.

The low-lot interior of this eatery is welcoming as a place where people gather, definitely more of a place where you have a group of friends. One area has a sports bar style feel, two sizeable patios are good for people to gather. The bar beer menu is really fantastic too; it features several dozen craft beers at a time, typically only one per brewery is represented, and typically with a wide variety of kinds of beer which lets you pair certain brews with certain dishes on the menu. The place is really cool for that.

All told, the restaurant is a really great experience, one definitely worth giving a try. It is something of a niche of a place but one that will impress no less.


  • The restaurant has a huge menu of craft beers and plenty of spaces to try them. Definitely a place where you will find a lot of beers you can’t find elsewhere in town.
  • Reservations highly recommended, especially on weekends. The spot gets crowded during big Cleveland activities.
  • I highly recommend you bring friends with different dietary restrictions and preferences. There are vegetarian and vegan options, paleo and gluten free.

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