Roost American (CLOSED)

580 Lincoln Park Blvd, Ste. 105
Kettering, OH 45429
websitePark City Club (Kettering, OH)4 stars

A new restaurant opened in Kettering as the brainchild of Chef Dana Downs of Roost Modern Italian fame, Roost American (Once called Park City Grill) is more of a classy comfort food establishment than its Oregon District sister. This spot offers a lunch menu of quality takes on Midwestern comfort foods, and a dinner menu heavier on the surf and turf. The menu is approachable yet extremely well thought out, and while you might find many familiar items here, you’ll also find a few things you won’t get the chance to try in many other Dayton restaurants. This fun concept is definitely worth a try.

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The menu is a mix of comfort food and classier affair. Some of the things to try:

  • Classic burger: An upscale take on the lovable burger. This one features a juicy patty cooked to order with aged cheddar and crispy prosciutto on top, and a side of grilled potatoes.
  • Baby back ribs: Cooked up until the meat falls off the bone, the meat is very soft, a bit more so than you might find in barbecue. But the vinegar-based sauce, not overwhelmingly sweet, is fantastic. Makes these ribs very lovable.
  • Mac and cheese: The mac and cheese option is topped with crab meat, and we’re talking actual crab meat. That’s what makes it fantastic. Filling, though. You’ve been warned!
  • Cornbread & maque choux: This combo hails from Louisiana and is served as an app. Braised corn and veggies with almost a creamy texture make this a dish well worth a try.
  • Sweet chili wings: Served up as an appetizer during Dayton’s restaurant week, these wings had a warm heat thanks to that tasty sweet chili sauce, but still kept the tender wings easy to taste.
  • Asian shrimp slaw: This slaw is on the savory and more bitter end. Thick shrimp in the mix are a great addition.

The spot has a much more relaxed, spread out feel because of the extensive size of the restaurant. Enjoy that over-sized patio, find a seat at the expansive bar, or go and congregate in one of the larger areas. The feel here is distinctly more low-key. Which is fantastic.

Price points are a bit higher than some of the places that have preceded this one at 580 Lincoln Park, but make no mistake that the quality is there. While there were some bumps in the road in terms of speed of service when the place first opened, I would contend that all it took was a little time for the place to get into a rhythm. My last visit was flawless. All told, it’s well worth a visit.


  • The menu is a little pricier than your average restaurant of this type, but quality is absolutely there. If nothing else, I recommend getting an appetizer and some sides if you’re not wanting a big entree.
  • The cocktail menu is superb. Grab one while you can.
  • The spot is open for dinner many nights, but on the weekends it does lunch as well.

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