Philly Joe’s Steak & Gyro

44 W. Third St.
Dayton, OH 45402
Facebook pageThird Street Food Court (Dayton, OH)3 stars

Fast, fresh and affordable. That’s the whole business model for Philly Joe’s Steak & Gyro. Opened on Third Street in downtown Dayton, the shop has a short and sweet menu — yes, cheese steak sandwiches and gyros — and a very to-the-point business model: be a convenient take-out spot for downtown. The restaurant offers food that is filling, tasty, and cheap, and it’s a pretty easy and convenient place to get some hearty food.

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Some of the things to try on the menu:

  • Gyro: Served up with an overwhelming helping of Gyro meat and topped with red onions and veggies on the side, the gyro is a two-handful mega-sandwich that is very filling and easy to love. The sandwich isn’t too greasy but it’s filling. And it’s served with a helping of crispy fries. Simple and easy to take.
  • Chicken Philly: This sandwich puts grilled chicken on the traditional Philly cheese steak, and then it’s topped with a choice of Provolone cheese or cheese whiz. The sandwich is a bit lighter than the beef steak option, but it’s still a huge sandwich that is easy to take. Recommended for a fast meal.

The restaurant has dine-in space, and people seem to like it for that on the lunch hour. That said, it’s also very convenient to go and with hours that take it from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., it’s one of relatively few places in town that you can get convenient food to take-out for the evening. With just about everything under $10, it’s a pretty affordable option too.

The idea is great; while some of the more generic take-out spots downtown have shut down, this one is going for the niche; offering a few menu items but doing them very well. Picking two very likable kinds of sandwiches helps it find that niche, especially when only a few other places downtown offer this food and without the convenience. That said, it’s worth a try.


  • The name says it all; this spot offers cheese steaks and gyros and that’s it.
  • The spot is convenient to take food out, and it’s open until 5:00 so it’s one of few convenient evening options downtown.
  • The sides are pretty inexpensive to get a la carte.

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