Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar

46 West Fifth Street
Dayton, OH 45402
Opened in downtown Dayton as a coffee shop serving the sometimes-overlooked areas near Sinclair Community College, Third Perk Coffeehouse has a selection of drinks as well as food and other things that keep people coming back.  With a concept that doubles as a sometimes – wine bar, sometimes coffee shop and sometimes local hang out, the spot has a lot of charm.  It’s a pretty good place to meet a friend for coffee, but that lunch menu, often overlooked, is also definitely worth a try.

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The menu is pretty simple as far as food, much of it breakfast  and sandwich options. But the coffee is what’s really great here. Some of the great things that I’ve tried.
  • Chai latte: The chai spice here is sharp and distinct; it’s very easy to like that kick. It kicks the sinuses and is prominent through the finish. A great drink to get you started in the day or for that afternoon pick up.
  • Cappuccino: This drink, obviously much sweeter than the typical options  but it’s still got that warm, sweet aroma and coffee kick at the end. Recommended if you like sweet things.
  • Box lunches: These lunches come with sandwiches and sides and are pretty filling. Ham and cheese, topped with veggies and the option of mayo if you like it, served up in a very convenient box with a cookie and pasta salad. Pretty easy meal.
  • Smoothie: Sweet, thick, wonderful! This smoothie has a great mango or strawberry option. Good on hot days.

The thing that is especially great about the shop is that welcoming, very local feel. There is personality, with the local artwork and the groups who come in to try wine and the quiet little side tables where people gather with drinks. The spot feels very genuinely like a small business. You only get an experience like that downtown. What’s better, a new location was extended to the Northwest branch of the Dayton Metro Library, in a part of the city that has been sorely lacking for coffee shops and locally-grown business in general.

If there’s one thing to appreciate in downtown Dayton, it’s the sheer number of small local businesses that make their home in the core. A lot of creative energy has been poured into making the place feel unique. This is one of those shops. Well worth a visit.


  • The spot doesn’t just do coffee, it has lunches, which are often simple and enjoyable sandwiches and other things.
  • It also has a selection of wines, which is worth keeping in mind, this direction of downtown has relatively little in way of places to try and buy wine.
  • The shop offers email specials and updates on what it’s making. If you frequent this part of town, it’s worth subscribing.

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