Heather’s Coffee & Cafe

505 S Main St.
Springboro, OH 45066
websiteHeather's Coffee Cafe (Dayton, OH)4 stars

A favorite hang-out spot for Springboro residents, Heather’s Coffee Cafe presents something that is fast disappearing in the growing corridor between Dayton and Cincinnati — the small town feel of a local restaurant. Perched along the main stretch of the historic town, it’s actually both a coffee shop and bistro in the morning and a bar and music venue in the evening. It also features a shorter and more well-thought-out menu of sandwiches and eats with a focus on food that is made with care. In all, a great experience.

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That menu is short, but what you can try here is great. Among the options:

  • Italian Stallion: An overstuffed sandwich featuring a huge portion of ham, salami and pepperoni topped with mozzarella. The sandwich comes hot or cold — toasted is better, I think — but what makes it great is a vinegary Italian dressing on top. Adds a bit of character. Served with a side of chips.
  • Buffalo dip: Served with pita, the dip is thick and just a little bit spicy, but overall best when shared between two or three.
  • Buffalo chicken pizza: A custom creation that features cracker-thin crust topped with that wonderful buffalo dip, bacon and a ranch sauce. Filling to be sure, the ranch sauce really puts it over the top.
  • Pepperoni pizza: Good for the giant pepperonis underneath the cheese, and the massive topping of Parmesan cheese. This pizza is a little lighter than the Buffalo dip version, but no less enticing.
  • Pulled pork sandwich: Fantastically soft pulled pork served on a long hoagie bun with a creamy thick cole slaw. The sauce is generic bulk sweet stuff (Sweet Baby Ray’s) but the pork is very filling.
  • Reuben: Heavy sandwich thick with sauerkraut and a nice dressing, then grilled and pressed much like a panini. Tasty as a meal.

Service here is always awesome. The place has the feel of a small town coffee shop by day, while at night that patio becomes kind of a laid back bar with a great menu of craft beers and wine. The food comes pretty quickly and while the menu is smaller, every item is very well thought out and offers something that can’t really be found nearby.

A bar in historic Springboro is surprising, but this spot morphs seamlessly over the day, starting as a quaint coffee shop and evolving into a nicer, relaxing patio to enjoy some time with friends. Live music and karaoke nights give it a local dive charm that’s hard to beat. Like the historic Springboro neighborhood around it, this place is very relaxing. Well worth a visit.


  • The menu is smaller and focuses on sandwiches, pizza and drinks. No burgers, but it’s well worth a try. Every menu item is well thought.
  • The place is good to enjoy a drink in the morning, when the weather is good is when it’s the best kind of night life spot.
  • Karaoke and live music give the place a little character in the warmer months.

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2 thoughts on “Heather’s Coffee & Cafe

  1. Such a wonderful place to eat at!! Great patio with live music and nice selection of craft beers and wine.

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