1028 Miamisburg Centerville Rd.
Dayton, OH 45459
websiteZoup! (Centerville, OH)3 stars

A fast-growing chain of soup restaurants which began in 1997 and now has over 90 locations and a quickly growing presence around the country, Zoup! is a colorful concept. Meshing the fast-casual soup restaurant with a sandwich and salad restaurant in a sleek and modern concept, it tends to spring up in trendier and newer developments where there are active and more health conscious diners. And as it has expanded into the Midwest, Zoup has taken on some local flavors and given them a little bit of its own character.

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The menu varies by location, but generally features plenty of variety. The soups on the menu change every day, and by location, so expect to try a lot of things. Among the things I have liked:

  • Chicken and dumpling soup: A lighter soup, this one is heavier on the chicken and forgoes the heavy dough dumplings for veggies. Pretty good.
  • Jamaican Bay Gumbo: This gumbo features sweet potatoes and a distinct and slightly spicy jerk seasoning. A cup of this stuff fills you up, and it’s well worth the taste.
  • Asian salad: This salad features chow mein noodles, nuts and a lighter vinaigrette, though the vinaigrette is a bit salty. Still, I like the salad because overall it’s a crunchy, savory side to try.
  • Turkey Club: Sliced turkey and grilled, hickory smoked bacon top the sandwich which is filled with Swiss cheese and tomato. Half a sandwich is plenty filling.
  • Beef barley soup: Heavy on the beef and veggies, this soup goes well with a bread bowl and probably tastes best on its own, but it’s my least favorite of the options on the menu, a bit salty and overall very heavy.
  • Classic Chicken Caesar salad: A bed of romaine lettuce topped with Caesar dressing to your liking, plus cold chicken and Parmesan cheese. Pretty simple and lets you cut calories if you like. 
  • Curried Chicken salad: A ciabatta sandwich filled with spring mix, celery, scallions and a mango chutney. The mango isn’t too prominent but it does add a little sweetness. An interesting take on the typical chicken salad.
  • Maple Bacon Ham: Swiss, maple aioli, served toasted on stone-baked ciabatta. Rich!
  • Veggie wrap: Carrots, lettuce, cucumber and peppers in a soy-based sauce. Some days, you just want something simple, you know.
  • Lobster bisque: One of the favorites here, it’s about the thickest on the menu, creamy with a sturdy texture. I’m partial to more lobster!

The spot is built to be a fast and convenient place to get lunch. There are nice little touches, like how you are allowed to sample a few kinds of soups while you’re in line, or how every cup of soup comes with a bread roll to dip. There’s an option for a combo of two items which is also a good way to save money. All told, I like the place for its simple friendliness.

The chain is growing fast as a soup/salad/sandwich concept with a lot of promise. You can expect to try a lot of new things here, and while the price is a bit above normal, many of those things are pretty good. It’s worth at least one try.


  • The soup options vary by location and by day. Every one is different; I liked the lighter soups and veggie-based ones, while the beef and heavier soups tasted a bit saltier.
  • The two-item combo is a nice chance to try a few things on the menu at once, save a buck or a few.
  • In the line you get the chance to sample a few of them. Highly recommended.

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