Marty’s Waffles

300 Washington Street, Suite 6
Alexandria, KY 41001
websiteMarty's Waffles (Alexandria, KY)
3 stars
A food truck set up to serve the Cincinnati area, Marty’s Waffles is a breakfast bar with a specialty in whatever breakfast food makes you the happiest. Opened by Marty Meersman in Alexandria, Kentucky, the truck pops up here and there with its special brand of cast iron-made waffles. One order doesn’t look that big, but make no mistake, this spot will absolutely fill you up. Take a look at the breakfast menu — but the waffles are what you really want to try.

Marty's Waffles - Belgian waffle

The basic belgian waffle is a compact one — it’s one of the thickest waffles I’ve ever eaten, almost akin to a pretzel in density. That means a little bit of it goes a long way. The batter is a bit less sweet than your average waffle, too, and it’s made with some kind of wheat flour instead of white, making it a bit more dense. Instead of syrup, this waffle features powdered sugar and a really special hazelnut whipped cream with a strong nutty flavor. This dish is very simple yet perfectly filling. And there are plenty of options you can add to it, whether that’s a hazelnut spread or some other breakfast dishes.

The crew who runs the food truck is very friendly, and they make a point of appearing all over the city. Most of the appearances tend to be at events — food truck rallies, festivals and the like. But the truck does book some venues in the downtown area, like the Procter & Gamble headquarters, as well as schools like University of Cincinnati. It can also be hosted for private events.

Flavors to try: The basic Belgian waffle is good in just about any iteration, but it’s also good with any number of toppings.
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