Andy’s Mediterranean Grille

906 Nassau Street
Cincinnati, OH 45206
websiteAndy's Mediterranean Grille (Cincinnati, OH)2 stars

A bar and restaurant in Walnut Hills, on the cusp of downtown Cincinnati, Andy’s Mediterranean Grille specializes in Middle Eastern dishes that aren’t to be found in many other places in the area. Aiming to be a little more upscale and drawing a crowd for its distinctly Greek cuisine. With belly dancers to entertain on the weekends and a friendly staff that helps serve up hummus, tabbouleh, lamb burgers and a number of other regional specialties alongside more Americanized dishes like pizzas. The spot isn’t the first place you might think to go, but it does have a charm that grows on you after a few visits. It’s the wait time and the price that can make it hard to swallow.

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The food is heavily focused on Greek and Mediterranean specialties and the like. Among good things to try:

  • Greek Pizza: A pizza served up with tomato, feta, cheese and olive oil. It’s a pretty simple recipe, but it’s got a nice ring to it and it still really gets the job done with great flavor. The pizza crust is a traditional, thicker American version and it’s best to be shared between two people.
  • Samosas: These delicious fried fritter with spicy potatoes, peas and carrots mashed and served in fried filo dough. The samosas are served with a nice sauce that adds some dimension to the dish, and makes for a pleasant app.
  • Tabbouleh: This traditional salad of parsley, mint, bulgur and tomatoes is heavier on the mint than many other varieties I have tried. Still, I really enjoy the stuff with pita bread.
  • Hummus: This hummus is wonderful even though it’s a bit heavy on the olive oil. A bit of cilantro makes a great addition.

The restaurant has a lot of great food to offer, and it’s got a pleasant atmosphere too. This close to downtown it can be hard to find a place that offers a bit of a peaceful and quiet dinner. The crowd it brings is distinctly more Mediterranean, and it is much an island of calm on the edge of the neighborhood that keeps a charm. That said, you likely have to wait some time for the food and the bill alike. Service can be slow, in part because of a small kitchen and in part because the spot often attracts very large groups. Also, the price is a bit on the higher end. The food is good, yes, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price you’re paying though.

That said, the people are nice. Andy’s Mediterranean Grille has a generally pleasant affect about it, that definitely seems to wear off on Cincinnati’s Greek population. It’s a dive to be sure.


  • The spot has no parking of its own so the parking is street around the restaurant. Still, a relative island of calm in Walnut Hills.
  • There is hookah at the bar if you’re looking for it.
  • The spot is good for larger groups, though it also can mean that service will be slow.

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