The Golden Lamb Inn

27 South Broadway St.
Lebanon, OH 45036
websiteGolden Lamb Inn (Lebanon, OH)

The famous Golden Lamb Inn of Lebanon, Ohio has been in business for over 200 years, and counts among its thousands of satisfied customers a dozen United States presidents. Once a stagecoach stop on the road to Cincinnati, this spot still operates as a hotel, restaurant and bar stop with some very classic and long-loved dishes. Step into the country kitchen and you’ll find an experience that is something like a museum, something like an old tavern lost in time, but still serving great food. Golden Lamb is a landmark well worth a stop in Lebanon, and the food delivers.

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The menu has some time-tested country kitchen favorites, a Sunday brunch and a mix of sandwiches. Some of the great things to try:

  • Ohio Raised Fried Chicken: Perhaps the best known of the dishes at Golden Lamb, this chicken is a mix of white and dark meat breaded in a delicious mix of seasonings and pan-fried, served alongside mashed potatoes and a thick gravy. Crisp on the outside, juicy and soft on the inside. Well worth a taste.
  • Grilled Bison Burger: Another Golden Lamb signature, this burger relies on bison, which is naturally a bit sweeter and slightly more gamy, topped with a tomato chutney and feta cheese to enhance that bison flavor. Bison meat is delicious, and this is a new adventure if you aren’t familiar with a food that was much more common in the early history of Golden Lamb.
  • Seared Salmon Sandwich: A salmon fillet topped with a mix of garlic, pickled red onion and dill cheese. They give a little volume to that muted salmon flavor, but still the sandwich doesn’t feel too heavy.
  • Short Rib Grilled Cheese: A grilled cheese stuffed with heaps of short rib. Juicy but not too heavy. Put a bit of cole slaw on the side and you’re set.

The interior of the restaurant is definitely designed for groups and larger parties. Not only does it draw a decent number of locals, but the inn also draws its own number of tourists and a number of people who come to Lebanon for its other historic and small business vibes. The clientele in the restaurant tends to skew older, but especially at Sunday Brunch and other events there is a definite crowd you might not expect in a town this size.

All told, this restaurant-hotel-museum is definitely a blast from the past, an experience in some of the finer memories of Ohio’s long history. Withstanding the test of time, this restaurant remains a must-try experience for the Southwest Ohio diner.


  • The fried chicken is the first thing you will want to try on the menu for its crispy signature blend of spices.
  • Clientele is older, but to be sure there can be lots of people in the restaurant, especially for Sunday brunch.
  • While you can, head upstairs where the hotel is and take a look around at the history of this 200 year establishment and read up on some of its historic patrons.

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