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3 starsA tavern and a late night option in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, Henry’s Restaurant is a night spot that focuses on classic American bar food and a warm and cozy atmosphere. The menu here is predictable but the end result for the food is above average good. This place is best enjoyed as a spot to grab a table and spend time with a small group of friends. It’s got the charm that makes it a lower key place where you can really enjoy what’s around you.

The menu had adapted a bit with a lot of different things getting updates over the past few years. It began with more of an upscale feel of a steakhouse but then it began to offer a “midnight menu” of bar foods that seems to have become more popular. In general, though, all the things I’ve tried have been great. Among them:

  • Henry’s Bacon Burger: The burger here is cooked to order with all the classic veggies on top. The addition of nice thick-cut bacon is only a plus. But what makes it great is the smokiness on the meat, giving it a little character.
  • Caesar Salad: The salad comes with chicken if you like it, and the dressing is really the best part; just a little bit of citrus to top it off, but overall stays very light fare nonetheless.
  • Black Bean Nachos: Coming in two sizes: regular and “deluxe” with a side of tasty house salsa, these nachos come with just about everything on them including generous mountains of peppers and beans and cheese. The small size feeds maybe two people. The large one will work for up to four.
  • Spinach and artichoke dip: The surprising secret to this dip? It’s served in a pesto that actually complements it perfectly. Served with pita chips. An easy go-to for a surprisingly good app.

Service here is pretty good, though it can be hard to get a table in the evenings, because the spot seems to be popular with groups of people and couples. But you can grab food at the bar, and that’s always an excellent option. The food comes pretty quickly, and there is a great selection of beer on tap, usually it’s very easy to find something new and interesting, and the spot also serves up discounted beers that are going out of season as it prepares to rotate new ones in. That midnight bar menu is easy to love; well worth a trip. All in all, I would say it’s a good experience for a night out.


  • The extensive craft beer menu is great and features rotating seasonals, some of which are discount when they’re close to ending season.
  • A late night menu of pub grub is served until midnight, though it’s lighter than the rest of the menu, this food is very good.
  • The more classic menu is heavy on surf and turf as well.

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