Rapid Fired Pizza

1008 Miamisburg-Centerville Road
Washington Township, OH 45459
websiteRapid Fired Pizza (Sugarcreek Township, OH)4 stars

Created from many of the founders of Hot Head Burritos, also out of Dayton, Rapid Fired Pizza takes the build-your-own-food concept and applies it to a new target: Craft pizza. You pick the toppings on your pie (or choose a pre-selected one) and in 180 seconds that pizza is cooked and ready to eat. The first location of this new concept opened in late 2015 and immediately rocketed to a number of locations around the Dayton area. The idea is ambitious, does the pizza match? I think it’s a cool idea.

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The menu is focused heavily on build-your-own creations, so for many people a custom recipe will be the best thing to try. You pick your crust (thin or deep dish) and you pick your sauce (spicy, red or white) and then the cheeses, meats and veggies that you crave. Once cooked, the basic crust is crunchy while the deep dish is a bit flakier. The end result of the other combinations is really up to your preference, and I think the quality of the end product really depends on what you put into the pie.

That said there are a few pre-thought creations on the menu I have tried. Among them:

  • Hawaiian Pizza: Simple, heavy on the mozzarella cheese then topped with slices of ham and pineapple. Doesn’t need any sauces on top, still the Chipotle ranch is an awesome choice.
  • Smokin’ Ghost Pizza: Spicy red sauce, Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage and jalapeños top this one. I highly recommend it on a deep dish crust for crunch factor. Sauce-wise, the rapid fired sauce is great.
  • Taco Pizza: This one is topped with taco sauce, cheddar jack, ground beef, tomato and lettuce. This one has plenty of sauce, so I suggest getting some sour cream. Thin crust is best.
  • Magic Mushroom Pizza: sauce, chicken, mozzarella, feta, mushroom, and arugula topping. Very savory. This one could use a sauce or two for that heavier taste.
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza: A nice option on the pizza menu here, this pizza features a warm buffalo sauce and jalapeno peppers that make it one of the hotter options. Wonderful.
  • Bread sticks: Built like a cheese pizza with a ton of garlic, these tasty breadsticks are perfect apps, even as fast as the pizza comes.
  • Dessert pizza: Topped with blueberry and a cream cheese with cinnamon, the dessert pizza is a finisher and it’s great fun.
  • Apple Pie Pizza: A thick crust with a wonderful apple mix on top, and a little bit of icing, to make it great!

The sauces are also worth a mention. The rapid fired sauce has sort of a spicy heat, while sweet habanero has almost a glaze-like quality to it. I like the slight heat with the spicy red sauce, I like the extra bit of buttery the garlic butter offers, and I like the golden barbecue, which has a combo of honey mustard and molasses-based barbecue in it. All told, a really great option.

The place is pretty straightforward, a walk-up counter where you get the pizza, wait for it and take it to a table. The food is ideal to go, but dining in can be nice too.

All in all, the concept is best for its convenience; the food is fast and easy to customize. A college crowd, or a large group, or generally someone in a rush will find this place convenient. There’s something to be said for that.


  • The spot is perfect for convenience, because the pizza is cooked fast and there’s plenty of options if, say, you’re in a huge group where everyone wants something different.
  • The sauces are a huge plus, I would suggest giving a few of them a try.
  • Food is best to go, but there is space to dine in. It can just get crowded.

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