Zeppe’s Pizza

5843 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH 44236

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3 stars

A pizza chain specializing in affordable pizzas with over 20 locations in the greater Cleveland area, Zeppe’s Pizza serves just about every neighborhood in Northwest Ohio, and you’ll know this pizza by its signature wavy crust topped with masses of cheese, veggies and meats. The spot also has giant calzones, oversized sandwiches and giant sports bars with a neighborhood feel and a love of Cleveland culture. These pizzarias give a great taste of suburban Cleveland, with a style that’s very approachable.

The pizzas themselves are built atop crispy thin crusts with a crunchy outside, then topped with a generous helping of sweet tomato sauce and plenty of cheese on the top. The proportions are perfect. Some of the options I tried:

  • Supreme Pizza: The classic pizza with all the toppings. This one features  pepperoni, mild or hot Italian sausage, ham, ground beef, onion, mushrooms, banana peppers, olives & green peppers, and topped with cheese. The olives can be a bit much and can easily be removed. What easily ties it all together is that sausage; it’s fantastic; sweet and served in big chunks that you can get in every bite.
  • Cheese: One of the traditional pizzas. What makes this one great is the combo of cheeses; melted provolone, mozzarella and Parmesan together. Just so stringy and the right combination of sweet and salty cheese. Great.
  • Salad: The salad is topped with the works; iceberg lettuce with onions, peppers, croutons and boiled eggs. By default the salads come with a heavy Italian vinaigrette with a bit of bite to it. Great.

The pizzerias have a Cleveland neighborhood bar theme, but even better they deliver in a very convenient time frame. The pizzas are very affordable, and the quality of the pies themselves matches the price. In all, I think of it about as a middle-priced Pizza chain for the Cleveland area. The service is great, and the pizzas speak for themselves. All in all, a pleasant experience and worth a try if you’re new to Cleveland.


  • The pizzeria delivers, and that’s got to be the most convenient choice. There are about 20 locations, but they serve much of Northwest Ohio.
  • The calzones and pizzas are all made to share. Recommend you get them with friends. A medium pizza feeds two to three, with a large serving three to four.
  • The food here is pretty affordable, and the quality matches the price.

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