Market Bar

1137 Linda Street
Rocky River, OH 44116
websiteIMG_33665 stars

Another of the hot restaurant concepts that has exploded in Cleveland’s suburban scene, the Market Bar in Rocky River is a magnet for the city’s young and energetic population. Built up as a classy modern bar concept that brings people in force at night, the spot offers during the day a whole different kind of opportunity, as a spot that has awesome brunch foods and a fully-stocked bar to keep you busy. Yes, it’s kind of plain looking from the outside and the name certainly doesn’t give specifics, but Market Bar is a really great experience.

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The brunch menu here is what’s really great. What I’ve tried:

  • Waffle sliders: Two waffle sandwiches: They’re filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, applewood bacon and cheddar cheese, for a pair of sandwiches which are intensely delicious. They’re served with a little syrup which makes them great. They also come with crispy home fries. Fantastic! I love how filling the food is, and it definitely leaves you full.
  • Yogurt parfait: A huge parfait served in a beer mug that includes Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, granola, and honey, and served alongside whole grain toast and a cup of fruit.
  • Bloody Mary: The classic breakfast drink has a great spice to it, and is distinctly peppery but still good. I recommend getting water with this one because it is hot.

The bar has a great atmosphere, it’s got a massive open interior and is welcoming to large groups, and seems to attract large groups both at night and for brunch. The price points on this bar are a little higher than normal, but I would contend the quality is there to make this the kind of place you’ll want to visit again. The food here takes a bit longer than normal to arrive, but again, I think the wait is worth it. All told, this bar really has something great to offer.

Cleveland’s redeveloping neighborhoods have a lot of great things to offer; in fact the new restaurant concepts that are popping up here are something to behold. This is one of the more interesting ones. Market Bar has a very memorable brunch and is well worth the trip.


  • There is valet parking for the bar, and with good reason, because for the most part the parking can be hard to come by in this part of town.
  • The space is especially good for large groups and when the weather is nice it can be especially enjoyable.
  • Wait and price are high normal, but the quality is there.


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