The 1776 Grill

P.O. Box 88
Lebanon OH 45036
websiteThe 1776 Grill (Lebanon, OH)3 stars

As food trucks go, southwest Ohio is a relatively tame place. Many of its options are specifically either comfort food vendors or experimental kitchens with a gimmick (usually something to do with bacon) that make them stand out. Not so with the 1776 Grill. This spot feels a lot like a mobile outdoor barbecue, as a Lebanon-based operation that can often be found at summertime festivals and catering events around Cincinnati and Dayton. It’s comfort food for sure, and wherever you find the patriotic food truck, you can expect a good time to follow.

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The menu here is pretty down to earth, it’s all of those great things you’d try off a grill in your back yard, but over the top. Some of my favorites:

  • Garlic toast grilled cheese: This grilled cheese is extra heavy on the garlic, with the toast being extra butterey and cheesy. Think two pieces of garlic bread melted together with a sharp cheddar. Perfect.
  • Bratwurst: A grilled bratwurst served up between massive pieces of Texas toast, with sauerkraut and cheese. This giant sandwich is all the makings of a grilled cheese and it’s easy to love.
  • Bacon grilled cheese: The same kind of grilled cheese as above, except this time you add a ton of bacon to the grilled cheese. About five pieces worth. All the bacon you can handle, it’s hilarious how well it works.
  • Mac and cheese: A simple mac and cheese, this one comes with the added deliciousness of crumbs on top to give it a little bit of texture. A nice side dish, and even with a grilled cheese, not too much on the cheese when it’s done.
  • Pumpkin spice mousse: A great dessert sometimes available in the fall, this mousse comes in a pie crust and with a little whipped cream on top. It almost tastes like pudding, but a bit lighter. Perfect ending dish, not too sweet.

The truck ends up all over the place, especially at food festivals that feature a lot of beer. So this is the kind of food that goes perfect with drinking. The menu changes depending on where the truck is at, but generally you’ll find it working with a lot of great stuff. You can expect to find the truck virtually anywhere in southwest Ohio, and when you do, you will find it’s well worth the experience.


  • Grilled cheese is the best thing on the menu here, while it’s not that complicated, this grilled cheese is definitely filling and delicious.
  • The truck caters and often is found at events.
  • The truck is easiest to find in the summer.

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