Suzie Wong’s on Madison

1544 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45206
websiteSuzy Wong's on Madison (Cincinnati, OH)4 starsWith a colorful concept and an Asian Fusion menu that spans the Far East, Suzie Wong’s is a cool upscale addition to the Madison area of Walnut Hills in east Cincinnati. It’s most busy in the lunch hour, offering Korean bibimbap, Vietnamese pho, Chinese lo mein and everything in between. Keeping those prices at a reasonable place, Suzie Wong’s is a pretty easy place to like, with everything it offers having sort of a comfortable goodness to it.

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Asian fusion restaurants like this one tend to offer the most popular and well known dishes from different Asian cuisine, and combines them under one menu. What I like here:

  • Bibimbop: A Korean dish in origin, this one is served in a hot clay pot for good measure. You can get it veggie (with eggplant and tofu) or with chicken breast, sweet onion and peppers. They key to the dish is to stir it frequently; the clay pot continues to cook the food as it sits. Heavy food but absolutely delicious. Not enough places in town make this dish.
  • Lo mein: Of course this Chinese noodle is very familiar, and it comes with a few different kinds of meat to taste. I recommend it with chicken, as the noodles by themselves can get a little greasy.
  • Vietnamese Pho: This is a recipe known as pho bo tai, and features thinly-sliced beef filet and rich nodles, with a beef broth and basil for flavor. It’s a big soup bowl, so you can expect the broth to fill you up quickly. Not good to take home, so I would suggest coming hungry if you want this one.
  • Crab Rangoon: An appetizer ever popular, served very crispy with a fish sauce-like side, but the dumplings themselves are a little bit light on filling.
  • Crispy Veggie Spring Roll: Served with taro, carrots and onion with rice noodle, these rolls are wrapped in rice wrappers and fried. A little unusual in texture but great.

Service is great; typically the restaurant is most busy in the lunch hour though evenings get people but not to the same extent. This area of Walnut hills can see lighter traffic on weekends, so I highly recommend the spot for dinner. The price points here are very affordable. The concept is nice too; the restaurant has a spacious interior which feels very intimate, and a sizable outdoor patio. It’s a comfortable place. Food comes pretty quickly and all in all the restaurant is a pretty easy experience.

Suzie Wong’s doesn’t draw a lot of attention, but it’s well worth a visit. It’s a hidden gem in Walnut Hills and definitely a memorable experience.


  • Lunch specials keep people coming back for the lunch hour. That said the restaurant is lighter in traffic on weekends so that might be a better time.
  • Prices are very reasonable, this place would be perfect for a group of friends.
  • The outdoor patio is fantastic.

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