Wok and Roll Chinese & Japanese Restaurant

604 H Street. NW
Washington DC 20001
websiteWok and Roll (Washington DC)3 stars

Chinatown: in Washington DC, it’s where you will find a taste of East Asia that is unmatched. Noodle houses, sushi restaurants and karaoke bars pack this popular district in downtown DC, and you can find all kinds of ranges of quality of food to be tried here. Resisting the rapid gentrification of surrounding blocks, spots like Wok n Roll offer something a bit old fashioned: cheap, greasy noodles. But it never really goes beyond the kind of place you go to grab something to fill you up. In that way, it’s a pretty safe place to try.

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Much of the menu is noodle dishes. Of course a few other fried things can be found but noodles and sushi are your best bet here. What I’ve tried:

  • Stir-fry Udon: Thick udon noodles are a Chinese specialty. These are stir fried and served with a choice of meat plus veggies and onions. The noodles themselves are on the greasy end for sure, but there’s a charm to that for sure. Recommend getting them with a combination of meats, it gives you a little variety in what you taste.
  • Chow Fun: These wide, flat wheat noodles are enormous, and they come with a heavy mixture of onions and meats for a little variety. Very recommended for a meal that will absolutely fill you up in one sitting but not leave you stuffed.
  • Yakitori: The common appetizer, a grilled chicken skewer cooked with barbecue sauce to give it a sweet but charred texture.
  • Fried wonton: Fried and served as an app. Very very crispy, which is wonderful, but you don’t get much else.

The spot has a pretty generic feel inside, it could probably use an update. But it is a pretty accommodating place for groups of people, and it seems to get more than a few of those. In fact the restaurant is pretty accommodating to the crowds it regularly draws. But in spite of that, and in spite of what can be at times a strong language barrier, the staff here is consistently pleasant, the food comes in a reasonable amount of time and you still walk out of the place without spending a ton of money. There is really something to be said for how hard that can be, especially in DC.

All told the spot is a pretty typical noodle spot and it’s well worth the money. There is a charm in a place like this, as diverse and exotic as the DC dining scene has become.


  • The upstairs of this restaurant actually hides a karaoke bar with private rooms for parties and a good mix of American and import beers. It’s a nightlife spot that gets crowded on weekends.
  • Sushi and noodles are really the two things on the menu you will really want to try.
  • The spot is great for groups.

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