1115 Herr Ln Suite 130
Louisville, KY 40222
websiteHiko-a-mon (Louisville, KY)4 starsWith downtown Louisville changing at the hands of a ton of new buildings, more housing and new businesses, it’s a welcome site indeed that some great new restaurant concepts are populating around the city’s core, too. Hiko-A-Mon, a casual concept for Asian fusion-style foods as well as sushi, is a relatively new face in the core, with a particular brand of sushi that is easy to love and really not that expensive. The restaurant scene in this part of Kentucky is some of the state’s most adventurous, and I think the concept comes to Louisville’s core at a good time.

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The sushi menu is extensive, but what set this place apart is the quality of the fish. The basic “nori” style roll (fish in the middle, then seaweed and rice wrapped around it)  is great, but were you really appreciate the food is when you order a “nigiri” style roll (where a cut of fish is placed atop a bed of rice.) I give a try to a few different cuts of fish with this method. I was a big fan of the smoked salmon atop a roll for its heartiness but I also  found that I like that spicy tuna just as well. Whether you’re trying salmon, tuna, yellowtail, or any other kind of fish what is clear here is that the quality of the cut of fish is excellent. The sushi doesn’t need soy sauce. It doesn’t need wasabi. It is a delicacy by itself.

But the menu is more than sushi. A number of other Japanese specialties, noodles, seafood, and other classy dishes can be tried. In spite of the modern feel and Japanese heritage, the spot is actually pretty inexpensive.

Service is pretty good, during rush hour can be a little bit slower, but I didn’t find it to be rude or unaccommodating. That’s just the nature of the restaurant in a downtown, it’s always got a crowd to deal with so it’s frequently found that efficiency tops all. That said, with the price points being what they are, I think the spot more than makes up for any slowness with good quality food that isn’t expensive.

This restaurant barely started up, and it’s already expanding to a second location. I think it speaks for itself how in demand this kind of food is in Louisville. This concept brings something new to the city, and I think it’s really worth the drive.


  • Wait times here can get a little longer than average. Part of that is just because it is a small restaurant in a densely populated space. But at the same time, it offers quality ingredients at inexpensive prices, which I think more than offsets the wait.
  • The sushi menu is great for a light lunch, but don’t ignore the extensive menu of other items that are for dinner.
  • While it’s a Japanese dining establishment, this spot is a comfortable concept. No dress up required.

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