Lil Goodie Shoppe

7120 Eagle Creek Road
Cincinnati, OH 45247
websiteLil Goodie Shoppe (Cincinnati, OH)3 stars

If the east side of Cincinnati is known for its great delis in local restaurants, in the west side of Cincinnati would be known for its family-run ice cream stands. Spots like this will survive many years  as a hyper local spot where people can come and enjoy a cone of ice cream and maybe some inexpensive food to go along with it.  Lil Goodie Shoppe is a bit off the beaten path, and it’s definitely not a place that you might expect to end up at driving through the city’s foothills. But this is a fun little spot that’s worth the trip.

Lil Goodie Shoppe - Strawberry Sundae

The menu is pretty basic, it’s based  on frozen yogurt, specifically the “Only 8 Frozen Yogurt”  brand, which is touted as a bit healthier than the average product. That yogurt is an integrated into cones, Sundaes, chocolate dips, and plenty of other little frozen treats. Seasonally, this shop serves them in mass, with the local baseball fields, parks, schools, and other outdoor activities bringing tons of Cincinnati through these foothills each summer. It’s not immediately obvious, but the place is actually been running since 1985 and in that time it stayed in business with the mantra of being a simple family place. Absolutely the kind of little local place that is easy to love.

And true to the Westside culture, it’s a family business with a strong mission statement about performing its duties ethically and with family as its focus. The sundaes are very tasty, in particular the chocolate sundaes and Strawberry varieties topped with syrup and fruit. But really, anything that you put the frozen yogurt on is good, whether it’s just a cone with sprinkles on top or a dish, it’s certain to be a good time.

The Lil Goodie Shoppe just sell frozen yogurt, it’s always an experience, and one that I think is a very Westside. It’s an easy to enjoy please, and when the summer comes along, when that might be worth a stop.

Flavors to try: Strawberry sundaes or butterscotch are absolutely fantastic.

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