Chalet in the Valley

5060 Ohio Route 557
Millersburg, OH 44654
websiteChalet in the Valley (Millersberg, OH)4 stars

Amish Country: For most Ohioans, that term is synonymous with some of the most remote and under-appreciated parts of the state. Indeed, this land in the rural northern and eastern parts of the state is where the greatest concentration of the Amish population resides, especially here in Holmes County, in the land between Columbus and Cleveland. These rolling foothills give way to endless hamlets and small towns where the simple live is celebrated. Little restaurants like Chalet in the Valley, in the county’s seat of Millersburg, are an example of the home cooking of rural Ohio.

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  • Frenched Pork Shanks: Pork shanks that have been “Frenched,” or trimmed from the fat so the meat itself stands out. The shanks are then fried and topped with a choice of three sauces; a cider barbecue, a honey mustard or a sweet and sour sauce. The meat is crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, for an overall wonderful experience.
  • Pan Fried Chicken: This enormous meal is four pieces of pan-fried chicken, done so the meat is tender but the breading is still good. The chicken is at times a bit dry, but pan fried take also makes it a bit less greasy.
  • Spaetzle: Spaetzle is a pasta-like German dish that are actually little dumplings. There is a version with steak tips and au jus topped with roasted mushrooms, and there is a version with grilled peppers, mushrooms, onions and some of that great Amish country Swiss cheese. Easy to love.
  • Pretzels: What better an appetizer than this? The pretzels are served breadstick-style, low on the salt so they’re not going to leave you thirsty. Great.

The restaurant has that nice feel of a hideaway mountain lodge. The cuckoo clocks lining the walls give it a very homey, welcoming, great-hall kind of feel that has a lot of charm. Amish Country is very remote, many of the businesses here are small or out of the way, and the nice little effects that Chalet of the Valley gives really do make you feel a little like you’re in the Swiss Alps.

The price points are good, and while the wait times on the food can be a little bit longer than you might be used to if you’re from a bigger city, it says a lot about the place that is Amish Country: a little bit slower, a little bit friendlier, and a great change-up from what you might otherwise be used to. It’s worth a visit.


  • Expect the food here to take a little longer, it’s worth the experience!
  • The restaurant has a lot of Swiss favorites, so it’s a good place for fried chicken, heavy sides and comfort food.
  • The restaurant closes a bit earlier than other places on weekends, but that’s just the way in Amish Country.

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