Flying Saucer

111 10th Avenue South #310
Nashville, TN 37203
websiteFlying Suacer (Nashville, TN)2 starsIt’s a chain of enormous beer hall-style restaurants with a big play on providing the chance to try hundreds of craft beers, and each location of Flying Saucer, which is in many major cities around the country, is all about the beer. With each spot sporting 50 to 75 taps at once, this is a spot where you go to try local beer, and many varieties of it. But between the long tables, the many decorative plates, pool tables and dart boards, the spots to offer some bar cuisine to match. The place is an attraction to be sure, but the food isn’t going to bring you back.

Flying Saucer - Chicken wrap

The food is mainly a mix of bar foods and some sandwiches. What I’ve tried:

  • Chicken Caesar wrap: While the wrap has some nice veggies in it and at least they do taste fresh, the chicken itself tastes frozen. It needs a bit more Caesar dressing too, otherwise it’s dry.
  • Garden Salad: A basic salad with assorted vegetables topping a bed of romaine lettuce. The salad has bagged ingredients and the house balsamic vinegar is weak and could use some refinement.
  • Chicken Snack: This is actually a serving of chicken strips that isn’t bad on its own, and a side of fries served steaming hot. The strips are pretty good, and a side of buffalo sauce might enhance them.
  • Tostada Chips & Queso: Chips and salsa with the extra helping of queso dip. Pretty simple stuff.

The place is definitely built with a mind to bring you out for the craft beer. Indeed, hundreds of beers can be available via tap or bottle. The gimmick that makes it so popular? Buy a membership for $18 a year and you’ll get a T-shirt and a checklist of beers that you have tried in your time there. Once you make your way into the triple digits, you get a plate of your own hung up in the bar; as you get more of them that plate changes colors. Of course it’s a fun idea, but we’re talking thousands of dollars spent at the place for a plate.

The atmosphere is good enough, because it offers large social spaces for big groups to join and enjoy beer of any variety, it offers game spaces for people to play while they drink, and it offers specials on certain nights of the week that keep some of the prices down. But amid all of this, the spot seems to be a place to take a group to enjoy a drink; the food is secondary to that.

Flying Saucer is about quantity and that’s something that plenty of people appreciate. But as far as food goes, you won’t find much to impress you. This is definitely a nightspot you might enjoy, but stick to drinks.


  • The spot is best known for a huge variety of craft beers. Fanatics can find plenty of company and lots to enjoy.
  • The chain is in many major cities and has a membership program for drinks.
  • Some of the finger food is good.

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