La Loma Mexican Restaurant

245 E Main Street
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Facebook pageLa Loma Mexican Restaurant (Hendersonville, TN)2 starsHendersonville has seen great change, as have many of the suburbs of Nashville, but the change here has been especially striking. The expanding city has brought in new chains and concepts focused on bringing the new and hip to the places where many new houses and developments are springing up. In that context, the tiny hole in the wall along main street known as La Loma has survived even as new competitors have arisen. The spot sticks to its guns with a local fan base that favors large groups, but the end result didn’t impress.

La Loma Mexican Restaurant - Carne asada

The restaurant has a pretty extensive menu, the prototypical Tex Mex cuisine. The dishes like the carne asada show promise, with the meat seared nicely and topped with some spices that give it a real charm. A roasted jalapeno pepper on the side are a great thing too. The sides are so-so. The guacamole tastes canned; the refried beans and Spanish rice don’t taste like they’re made in-house either, the salsa is a bit on the runny side of things, and all in all, they make for sort of an average experience.

Slow service is what makes the spot difficult. The service seems to ask people to order without even giving them menus at times, which is confusing. But really, it just takes longer than normal for food to come out of the tables, no matter how busy the restaurant is and no matter how large or small the group is being served. It takes awhile to get refills of water or chips. There seems to be a devoted group of locals who love the place who will enjoy the spot either way, but it doesn’t seem to impress new people as well.

The price points are pretty cheap, and the spot seems to have staying power as new restaurants have sprung up around Nashville. In that context, it is impressive to see little local places like this keep a following. My experiences here have not endeared me to the spot, though, especially when there are so many other great places to dine in town.


  • The spot seems to attract a lot of large groups and has a regular following of people, particularly for dinners and Sundays when the area churches are out. Clientele might skew a bit older for those.
  • The main entrees are good, especially beef dishes. I wasn’t impressed with the sides though.
  • Wait times can be longer, but the food remains inexpensive.

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