Mohawk Freestyle Grill

Dayton area food truck
Troy, Ohio 45373
websiteMohawk Freestyle Grill (Troy, OH)3 stars

The funny thing about food trucks is how endlessly creative they can be. The Mohawk Freestyle Grill is a minimalist food truck based out of Troy, Ohio with a menu that remains delightfully simple: burgers, tacos, and more burgers. Burgers with bacon. Burgers stuffed with garlic. Burgers with port. All of them over-the-top creations inspiring you to find new ways to enjoy a juice beef patty. Keep it simple, and this place will make you happy.

Mohawk Freestyle Grill - Burger

Those burgers are what’s going to draw your attention to this spot. The classic “Mohawk” burger and many of its derivatives are formed from ribeye steak, which goes along way toward making each one a sloppy, greasy, juicy masterpiece. What you want in that burger is up to you; the Mohawk itself sticks to the favored formula with bacon, pickles, cheese and onions. Or take the Firehawk Burger, which is built with a spices giving heat to the patty, or then there is the Hoegenstein Burger, which is an “all bacon” burger loaded to the top with crispy pork. Every bite in these burgers is packed with flavor. There isn’t a need for sauce, most veggies or ketchup. The meat speaks for itself.

The other most popular item on this menu is a great pick of tacos, ranging from the simple adobo pork taco (pork, cilantro, feta, radish and a salsa) or a Hawaiian fish taco (topped with a bit of mango and a light white fish to give it a brighter taste) the end result is fantastic.

Mohawk has a simple mission: grill great meat and indulge. The people are friendly, food doesn’t take too long, but most importantly it’s all cheap. The truck moves around a lot, tending to be around the northern part of the town, farmer’s markets and trade shows, during the busy season it’s easy to find with the Twitter and Facebook pages. Easy to like.

Flavors to try: They once had a garlic burger that absolutely blew the taste buds away.
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