Bon Vie Bistro

4089 The Strand East
Columbus, OH 43219
websiteBon Vie Bistro (Columbus, OH)4 stars

Bon Vie Bistro is a contemporary concept with a taste for nicer cuisine. Serving Easton Town Center in Columbus’ northeast suburbs, this concept focuses on making creative and interesting European-inspired dished a very modern American flair, whether that’s an Italian carbonera, a classy British fish and chips recipe, or the simple joy of a burger. Whatever you crave, this restaurant offers it with an eye for the upscale but a price that remains reasonable. No wonder the spot is popular.

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The menu is eclectic, and it’s hard to pin down exactly what will be available here at each time. The dishes that I’ve tried:

  • Sacchetti Carbonera: This pasta, a ravioli-like stuffed pasta with Ricotta cheese inside, has a delightful combination of grilled chicken, bacon, peas and a Mornay sauce. The velvety combination of the cheeses gives it a nice, creamy kick.
  • Mac & Cheese: A classic American favorite. Not to be outdone by the fancier pasta dishes, though, the Mac and cheese is served up with grilled chicken, a Mornay sauce made in part with melted Parmesan cheese, and then finished with a spread of herbed bread crumbs. Not as simple as it sounds, right?
  • Black Angus Cheeseburger: The classic burger, cooked specially to order and with a third-pound beef patty that is topped with a choice of four cheeses, then served atop lettuce and tomato and a kaiser bun with fries. The burger is cooked exactly to order, with the beef in the thick patty juicy and simple. Quality and fresh ingredients are what make the difference in the dish.

The restaurant interior is welcoming to small groups and couples, with an outdoor patio and bar area with high tops supplementing that seating. In spite of all of this, the spot routinely draws a major crowd from among the busy shoppers; if it’s at all possible, I highly recommend you make a reservation here. I also suggest you find somewhere on the edges of the Easton center to park, because by the time you’re in the center of the shops here, you’re certain to run into heavy foot traffic and just about all the parking spaces will be taken.

In spite of that, the dishes here have a class to them, a contemporary flair where they sound simple but are prepared with complex arrays of flavors with an overall pleasant experience. And all of this for prices that are typical of a much more expensive restaurant. Wait times can be long, but in the end, the spot is worth the wait.


  • Steak and seafood top the menu, but the less expensive dishes are equally great. Not to be ignored.
  • The bar has a great array of mixed drinks for easy enjoyment.
  • Wait times can be long. The spot draws huge traffic. Get reservations or come early.

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