Braxton Brewing Co.

27 West Seventh St.
Covington, KY 41011
websiteBraxton Brewing Co. (Covington, KY)4 stars

Since it has opened in the Covington neighborhoods a stone’s throw from downtown Cincinnati, Braxton Brewing Co. has quickly become a community meeting space for its craft beers and spacious interior. The beer menu here is typically pretty small at a time. There are about half a dozen beers on tap at any moment, most of which are rotated among Braxton’s seasonal brews.

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Here are the ones I have tried:

  • Storm: A golden cream ale and definitely the first beer you should have at Braxton. This one has just a bit of sweet hint to it; like all cream ales the flavor is mild, almost citrusy, and the finish is refreshing.
  • Sparky: A wheat ale, this one has a bit of a hoppy flavor on the back end, but it isn’t overwhelming. Which is great, because it sort of has that effect of the beloved IPA, but its flavor profile is distinctly lighter.
  • Crank Shaft: This all-popular IPA is a 6 percent, and the hop comes in aggressively. But it still maintains that full body that makes it so likable.
  • Dead Blow: Fascinatingly a “tropical stout,” this dark beer has a full body but a deep, fruity taste. It’s brewed with dates; one of the first beers I’ve tried with that, and the taste there is very aggressive.
  • Blown Gasket: A robust porter, I would say I liked this one best of all of then. That deep taste you get with a robust porter is easy to like, and an almost caramel-like taste gives it spirit.
  • Trophy: A pale ale, this one is a medium-bodied beer with a forward hop flavor. It’s brewed with Hull Melon, which gives it almost a hint of apricot and honeydew to it. Crisp is the word for this beer.
  • Oktober Fuel: An Oktoberfest brew, focused on good, German malts for a bready, toasty smell, and a nice malty sweetness. Yet crisp and dry.
  • Summer Trip: Another German style hearkening to the brewery’s Cincinnatian roots. A very residual bitterness, though with an acidity and a light body that makes it nimble.

The bar is spacious and the interior feel is much more akin to a lounge or coffee shop than what you might expect from your typical craft beer spot. It’s an open feel, with games to enjoy and comfortable couches and a cozy bar and outdoor patio, but the beer remains the top priority. That said, this seems to be the perfect kind of place to bring a group of people who might not be as big on craft beer, because it gives them an environment to enjoy. Very friendly, very enjoyable.

The craft beer world is opening up a lot of different kinds of businesses, and the love for those different local spots is palpable. Braxton is the kind of place where you can enjoy an entire night; not just the beer, but the people and atmosphere. It’s well worth a try.


  • The spot is more akin to a community gathering place; with TVs for sports, games, comfortable couches, it feels a lot more like a coffee shop than a beer hall. You might like this place with a group of friends who aren’t big on beer.
  • The tap menu is pretty small but the beers themselves are interesting and rotate frequently.
  • Growler fills are pretty cheap.

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