Anchor Grill

438 W Pike St.
Covington, KY 41011
Facebook pageAnchor Grill (Covington, KY)3 stars It doesn’t make a lot of noise outside of its humble neighborhood in Covington, Kentucky, but the Anchor Grill is one of the community’s favorite spots. A diner that almost never closes, this spot is frequented by the night owls and the nocturnal Cincinnatians alike, and you’re just about guaranteed to find a whole host of interesting characters populating the spot when you pay it a visit. I would almost contend that the spirit of the place is best experienced in the middle of the night. That said, you have to be a certain kind of adventurous to prefer it.

Anchor Grill - Cheeseburger

The food here isn’t complicated, like any diner this one has all the breakfast foods you can imagine alongside the simple favorites of classic American cuisine.

The overall menu, though, is the epitome of comfort food. Take the burgers — thin-smashed patties that are griddle cooked and then topped with the classic veggies and cheese. It’s absolutely as one would expect the dish to be; no more creative and no less. But then, that’s what the restaurant looks for in late-night comfort food. Simplicity here, is king. Take the side dishes, like the much-adored hash browns, loaded with mountains of cheddar cheese, or maybe the creamy cole slaw with its noticeable sweetness to differentiate from the other salty dishes. I was especially a fan of the loaded french fries, topped with cheese and gravy.

The spot is a typical greasy spoon, and an old-fashioned one at that. It isn’t for everyone; the interior could definitely use a refresh, and expect to find a lot of processed foods on the menu. But Anchor Grill has never been about all of that. Cincinnati Police drop in to eat on their way to patrol for the night. Folks from nearby bars pay a visit after last call. This spot is a known and loved space in the community, and the friendly service and always-welcoming mood of the diner speaks to that.

The prices here are cheap, and the food is pretty typical of a diner. You should know what to expect before you go, but I found the place had sort of a simple charm. Don’t judge a book by its cover with this spot, something about it will grow on you.


  • The diner is best known as a place that virtually never closes, especially on weekends. You can come in at any hour and be served.
  • It’s a greasy spoon, and the food is pretty simple, processed and salty. But it’s cheap, and if you know what you’re expecting, then you’ll have a pleasant experience here.
  • Breakfast dishes and burgers seem to be the popular things that draw people back.

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