Pizza Milano

1304 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
As the bustling Pittsburgh metro area has grown, its insatiable appetite for pizza has meant the fast growth of a lot of pizza shops around town. So it has been with Pizza Milano, a medium-range delivery and dine-in pizza chain which has now grown to five locations around the city. This spot’s take out pizza business is a boon both to college students and people around the city who love to dine in, and while you’ll find something a little different at each location, it’s all-in-all a pleasant place to eat.
The pizza here is cooked with a thick crust that is light on the sauce and heavy on the cheese — a great combination for, say, a late-night college student craving. Each piece is built with a thick, airy crust for its base, then topped with a  decent amount of a fruity tomato sauce, and then generous amounts of cheese. But it’s the little, gradual herbs topping the pizza; oregano and a bit of garlic, that you’ll notice. One or two pieces is filling with this pie. It’s simple, and it’s relatively affordable, especially if you take advantage of the many coupons which can be found online.
Not a fan of pizza? There are other things to try. Several of the locations of Pizza Milano are built more like sports bars than traditional pizza shops, and so the menu has a litany of other Italian dishes to try, including calzones and traditional pasta like manicotti, ravioli, baked ziti and fettuccine Alfredo. It’s also got apps like chicken wings, nachos, dough and plenty of fried bits. Really, though, this spot has always been about the pizza, and that’s what draws most people to its charm.
Pizza Milano’s hours are another draw. In particular the downtown location is open and doing delivery until 2 a.m., and with the coupons offered online, the option to order by website and overall the convenience of getting a pizza here at just about any hour of the day seems to be what draws people back. I would suggest sticking to the pizza, and thinking of this spot primarily as a take-out option, but otherwise my experience here was positive.
  • There are several locations around town, each with a different focus, some are more sports bars and sit-down restaurants, while others specialize in take out. Hours can vary, too but expect each spot to be open late.
  • There are coupons online, and also an order form online for easy going.
  • Rely on this spot for inexpensive pizza. That’s really its major strength.

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