312 Pizza Co.

371 Monroe St.
Nashville, TN 37208
website312 Pizza Co. (Nashville, TN)3 starsOpened last year in the Germantown area just north of downtown Nashville, 312 Pizza Co. is a little bite of the Windy City brought to the heart of the south. Everything about the dive—from its list of Chicago-centric beers to its short and sweet menu—brings the great culture of one top-notch city to another. The food of Chi-town has an allure to it that always means Chicago-themed spots thrive in other cities. Here we have another example of a love for Chicago staying strong, no matter the distance.

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The unique Chicago-style dishes thrive at 312 Pizza, notably its best-loved Chicago-style deep dish pizza; with a crisp crust and toppings piled high, topped with a delicious and sweet tomato sauce. Deep dish pizza is the signature of Chicago, and this spot makes each pizza fresh. While this means each dish takes a bit longer to make, it also means each pizza comes piping hot; gooey cheese melting off of each bite; it easily takes a spoon and fork to get each piece.

Or give a try to the legendary Italian beef, a sandwich found best in the Windy City’s favorite downtown shops. The Chicago dog, topped with mustard, chopped onions, relish, pickles, tomato slices, sport peppers and celery salt (no ketchup.) You don’t find these things in a lot of places outside Chicago.

But the spot does bring the Music City flavor to the traditional Chicago staples in a way you might not expect. Take the ‘hot chicken’ deep dish pizza—topped with a Nashville favorite dish; chicken cooked with cayenne pepper to give it a distinctive warm heat. It’s a dish you don’t often try; and one you won’t want to miss; the signature dish of two cities mashed into one. Fantastic.

All of this said, it should be noted that food here can take a long time—with pizzas cooked to order, you are expected to wait about 45 minutes after putting one in before it’s ready. Of course that isn’t a problem in and of itself, but at the same time, you should probably know that in advance. I have seen a few folks leave the restaurant in frustration at the prolonged process. But the food, I would say, was worth it.


  • The pizza takes awhile to make; about 30 minutes for a thin-crust pizza and about 45 minutes for a deep-dish pizza. It’s a source of frustration I’ve seen but in the end the pizzas are made fresh.
  • Other Chicago dishes are found here, including the Chicago hot dog, Italian beef, Goose Island beer and others.
  • Want a mash-up of the best of Chicago and Nashville? Try the hot chicken pizza.

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