Five Points Pizza

1012 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206
websiteFive Points Pizza - Pizza3 starsThis walk-up pizza joint just east of downtown Nashville sits amid a bustling nightlife scene of bars open late and crowds even later in the East End. It’s a small place with a pretty simple concept; you order from a slew of New York-style huge pizza pies, then you find a spot to eat or go walking with the pie. It definitely reminds me of the crowded late-night food joints that propagate in the middle of big cities. Simple as it is, Five Points Pizza succeeds in bringing a very familiar New York concept to an entirely different city, and still being enjoyable.

The pizza here is New York style, which is very different from the Midwestern styles you tend to see around Nashville. It’s cooked with a crisp thin crust, served in enormous slices and topped with a mountain of different ingredients, with several different unique pies each day. The sauce is thick and sweet and the cheese is always long and stringy. It’s a distinct kind of pizza, one that you have to fold for its size, and this kind of pizza is good when it’s got a small number of high-quality ingredients; piles of toppings make a mess!

The pizzas, that said, are spot on. Take the ‘Dave’s Pie’ — topped with prosciutto, basil and peccorino romano cheese. The prosciutto provides a sharp meat, while the basil gives it a fresh edge. The peccorino romano cheese gives a more distinct, salty flavor, and the end result is a great piece of pizza that’s packed with interesting flavor in spite of being relatively thin. Other flavors, like a vegan pie, a spinach gorgonzola, a greek pie and more offer up a lot of variety on top of the classic pepperoni and cheese pizzas.

The dive has a great atmosphere; of course this is a neighborhood in Nashville, not a borough in downtown New York City, so the crowds aren’t as bad. But the inside of the place recreates that oh-so-familiar feeling of a pizza joint; most of the space is for standing and ordering, the pizza can be bagged to walk with, and the price points say it all — one slice will run you about $5, and one or two pieces are so huge they will easily fill you up.

All told, a great way to bring a bit of New York to Nashville!


  • The spot has beers in-shop, if you would like a drink with your pizza. That said, they’re served in a glass, so be prepared to finish them in the tiny, mostly stand-up dining area.
  • The pizza is around $5 per slice, but one or two pieces will absolutely fill you up.
  • The spot is open late and it’s easy to take the pizza for a walk, after a visit to the nearby bars.

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