Kahn’s Desserts (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: as of 2017, Kahn’s Desserts is now closed. 

733 Porter Rd.
Nashville, TN 37206
websiteKahn's Desserts (Nashville, TN)5 stars

Capitalizing on the meteoric resurgence of the East Nashville neighborhood, Kahn’s Desserts opened its doors in 2011 as a vegan bakery with inspiration that came from the nearby Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant. And Kahn’s has the concept covered; selling products with no dairy, eggs, refined sugar, bleached flour, or animal products. It’s a very difficult thing to make — baking with an entirely different set of staples, and yet still coming up with something sweet and delicious. But this spot shows just how advanced, and how delicious, vegan baking has become. This spot is fantastic.


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A few of the goodies I tried on the menu:

  • Cookies and cream cupcake: This over-the-top decadence is made with a thick icing that almost tastes like ice cream and then served topped with cookies with a little bit of a crunch. The cake itself is less sweet and makes a fantastic base.
  • Grasshopper cupcake: This one is heavy on the mint and light on the chocolate, which gives it a well-rounded sweetness and accompanying fresh flavor.
  • Chocolate and orange cupcake: A thick cake with zesty orange mixed in, topped with a chocolate frosting. I’m not personally a fan of the cupcake for that orange but the icing rounds it out well.
  • Peanut butter bar: The thick brownie is topped with a peanut butter icing so thick it tastes almost more like fudge. Accentuated with real peanuts on top, which really makes them shine.
  • Triple chocolate ganache brownie: Chocolate on chocolate, can you beat it? The overflowing ganache makes the brownie a fudge lover’s paradise.
  • Red, white and blue cake: A thick blueberry cake built double-decker, topped with a thick white icing with a few raspberries to accentuate it all. Great!

The interior of the little shop has some room for sitting and enjoying, but by and large this is a spot where you’ll probably want to take goodies to go. Might want to bring a cooler, too, because they’ll break down a bit in that Tennessee humidity. That said the spot also sells its goodies at some of the other vegetarian and vegan places around town, like Wild Cow down the street.

Good vegan baked goods. A decade ago, they were impossible to find, and a bakery whose entire business focused around selling them seemed out of imagination. But this spot not only makes goodies that satisfy the vegan diet, but it does them very, very well. If you’ve got a friend who doesn’t believe vegans can eat well, send them to Kahn’s.


  • There are goodies for sale at other vegan places around town, so look out for them.
  • A lot of the recipes are built in a few ways to your liking. You may find a brownie or cupcake with the same theme, for instance, if you prefer one over the other.
  • There are also breakfast and lunch items if you prefer them.

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