Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza

6918 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
websiteKrimmer's Italianette Pizza (Cincinnati, OH)2 starsWhile Cincinnati is well known for its love of pizza, the names that rise to the top prefer a thick crush with a ton of toppings, with over-the-top creations and thick pizzas. Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza is a neighborhood chain focused on the northern suburbs, making affordable pizza and Italian dishes. The spot focuses on pizza built your way, but also has a number of specialty pies. Most of the pies here are unusual, but the execution of it all leaves something to be desired.

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The spot makes pizzas of different kinds, here are the ones I tried:

  • BLT Pizza: This pizza is topped with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo, evoking a favorite sandwich, but the execution is off. There is too much mayo on the pizza, and while that’s sometimes good on a BLT, it quickly gets overwhelming when the pizza is also topped with cheese and bacon grease. The pie can be good if you scrape off some of that mayo.
  • Deluxe Seven: This pie is topped with the classic seven most popular pizza ingredients: pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, bacon and cheese. Of course the classic “everything” pizza is much loved, but the proportions here were off. The green pepper was cut into large slices while there was significantly more sausage than pepperoni. Some of the ingredients were overwhelming while other ingredients were completely missed.

The restaurant has a following, to be sure, but I found its interior could use some work. They were frequently out of things (hald the beer menu, for instance) and they also had a shortage of people at mealtime rush, which meant some of those tables took awhile before they were cleaned. All in all, the place could use an extra hand or two to manage things.

There’s something to be said for a restaurant that aims to appeal at a very local level. In all, Krimmer’s has a neighborhood appeal and a group of local loyalists who will keep coming back. But I wasn’t convinced.


  • The pizza joint serves pies of several sizes, from individual pizza to enourmous pies intended to serve entire families. Prices are pretty economical.
  • Two locations of the restaurant deliver to the Silverton, Deer Park, North College Hill, and Mount Healthy neighborhoods of northern Cincinnati.
  • The place also caters for larger groups.

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3 thoughts on “Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza

  1. You lose all credibility when you give Larosas 4 stars and the Italianette 2. Probably love Gold Star too huh? The internet is officially too big.

  2. I have never had a bad experience at Italianette. My co-workers and I frequent the Silverton establishment often for lunch and it is always on point. Also, the new location in NCH is fantastic! We had them cater an event for us recently and the food was superb! I highly recommend the lasagna and their pepperoni pizza. Best sauce around in Cincy!!!!!

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