Winds Cafe

215 Xenia Ave.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
websiteWinds Cafe (Yellow Springs, OH)5 stars

Even among the quirky little restaurants that make up the thriving dining scene in the village of Yellow Springs, Winds Cafe stands out as a place where you go to get classic American cuisine with a very conscientious bent; much of the food that you find here is locally grown, much of it is organic, and there is a very strong focus on “slow food,” the local draw that keeps a push firmly on the quality and locality of good cuisine. The food here, per the very picky tastes of this southwest Ohio village, is top notch.

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All of the food is good — the handiwork of a dedicated chef. Some of the highlights of a sturdy offering which changes as often as a few times a month:

  • Bison burgers: The exact burger changes regularly, but the meat is a bison burger which is produced locally. Take for instance, the delicious Pimento Cheese Bison Burger: Topped with a pimento cheese spread and a sharp cheddar, red peppers and a little bit of horseradish. Top-notch. Fries and salad are alongside to accentuate.
  • Ratatouille Crepes: These are light and fluffy and topped with a light black olive chutney and served alongside two sauces, one a sweet red tomato based paste and the other an olive oil. I don’t understand how the oil adds to it, but the rest of the crepes are great.
  • Hawkeye meets Parma Panini: This one is an open faced sandwich topped with a great cappicola, a fig compote and veggies. For good measure, a red wine tomato sauce. The goat cheese really gives it a little bit of kick. I like the panini, and of course being served with fries it has a nice bit of a salty kick to it.

The restaurant is a Yellow Springs staple. In that, it thinks like many of the other restaurants in town. While this spot is a visiting point for three major cities around it, the village moves at its own pace. Many of the restaurants here come with a bit longer of a wait than others. Some of those places are worth the wait, and some are not. Winds Cafe is definitely worth the wait, with this spot making some really great stuff. Yes, the prices are a little higher but the ingredients make the difference. This spot makes superior food and it shows.

All in all, this spot is an experience, and a great place to try, especially if you value quality over quantity, and a nice experience over a rush. 


  • The restaurant changes its menu regularly, so check on its website for an exact menu.
  • Of the items that come back season after season, the burger is the best. Locally raised cattle keep it over the top.
  • The spot has a bit of a longer wait for food on average but it is still well worth it.

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