Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

2476 Commons Blvd., Suite G
Beavercreek, OH 45431
websiteOsaka (Beavercreek, OH)4 stars

With an appreciation for the finer things, Osaka Japanese Steakhouse has two locations in east and north Dayton, and each of them is focused on bringing a higher-end sushi and hibachi grill experience. Naturally focused on bringing out larger groups, the spot has plenty of different Japanese dishes to try, but those two are easily the first things you should try when coming here. The experience is good; bring a friend, or better a group. The popularity of the spot seems to speak for itself, with the many photos lining the walls of fans of the place.

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The sushi here is really what continues to bring me back. I’m a huge fan, both of the simpler rolls and the ever-changing custom “Chef’s special” rolls. Take for example:

  • Kiss of Flame roll: A little bit of wasabi and an ever-so-thin slice of jalapeno pepper adds a warm heat to this tuna-based roll, which has a spicy salad inside that gives you a very gradually warm taste. Each piece isn’t uncomfortable by itself, but when you finish the roll, you can really feel the slight heat adding up. 
  • Osaka roll: Shrimp tempura is the star of the show here, with a spicy mayo and spicy tuna atop making it stand out.
  • Boston Bay Roll: This sushi roll, made with crab and cream cheese in the middle, then fried topped with a spicy mayo, chives and caviar. Truly blows the mind.
  • Green Devil roll: Spicy salmon within and without make this roll extra tasty. Finished with a spicy sauce. Gradual heat.
  • Yellowtail roll: Simply a cut of the fish and some vegetables within the wrap. It’s inexpensive and safe, but the fish is still great, sashimi-grade and the ingredients have a fresh bite to them, almost overwhelming.

But of course, people really come here for the showy hibachi grill and the intricate show that is preparing food there. Expect to see big groups, birthdays and the like. You’ll never forget one of these shows when you see it.

The service at this spot is impeccable. You’ll easily find a good experience, with the staff able to take orders quickly. Sometimes the food can take a little longer to arrive, especially when rush dinner time begins I note a significant increase in how long it can take food to come. That said, it’s not a problematic increase, and still well worth the wait.

In all, the spot is one of many in Dayton that offers sushi, but still manages to maintain a uniqueness and a charm that give it a nice. Definitely worth a return visit.


  • Hibachi is a interesting, showy experience best for bigger groups to enjoy, but I would highly suggest getting a reservation in advance, because there are only a few tables and even in off-peak nights there are plenty of groups using them.
  • The sushi menu isn’t large but it’s fresh and the sushi is great, well worth a try.
  • The appetizers are very reasonably priced, and small servings mean it’s great to go for them, especially if you’re here during rush hour when food may take longer.

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