Pizza Man

2417 East Tenth St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
websitePizza Man - Pizza3 stars

A pizza spot that serves the neighborhoods of Sioux Falls, South Dakota with two locations, Pizza Man has a pretty simple mission: make some of the best pizza to be found in the city. While the operations are pretty simple, take-out menus with a menu laden with many ways to enjoy a delicious pie. A lot of restaurants bear this name in the states around the northern part of the country, but the Sioux Falls locations are very focused on the kind of pizza that will delight the Queen City of the West.

The pizza menu is the first thing to pay attention to, and it’s hard to skip after all; the pizzas are served with a heavy and very savory marinara, then loaded heavily with cheese and whatever kind of toppings you prefer. The crust is a good middle ground between thin and thick; crunchy but not cracker-like. In all, the pizza is cooked a little more thoroughly than you might otherwise have it in other places, but brown pizza isn’t burned pizza, and that well-cooked crunch has an appeal.

The toppings are pretty simple, about 20 different things you can put on a pizza and a few different specialty pies. The pizza here has a general appeal; it’s the kind of place you can trust to have a reliable experience, but at the same time you won’t find too many surprises here. It’s best thought of as a place to go when you need a lot of food for an inexpensive price. The people were very accommodating and the pizza arrived exactly when advertised. While this was a bit longer than average, the food was worth it in the end.

All said, this is a good suburban kind of pizza chain that delivers on what it offers. And there is definitely a charm in that.


  • Look out for coupons on the chain’s website, and also on its menus. Often these come with good deal that make trying this pizza an economical experience.
  • The spot is mainly for delivery, and while that can take longer than other places it is reliable.
  • There are a few pasta dishes if you aren’t in the mood for pizza to be tried here.

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