Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

4432 Walnut Street
Dayton, OH 45440

websiteFlemings (Beavercreek, OH)3 starsThe concept of nicer dining restaurants with the location just about every major city in the country, Fleming’s Steakhouse is the epitome of the idea of quality dropping quantity in classic American cuisine. The spot offers a lot of upscale drinks, nicer appetizers and of course surf and turf to your hearts content. It is really nice, the restaurant is great on the inside, and I would consider it a safe dining experience.

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The food is pretty good, and the menu has a wide selection of dishes from various backgrounds. Among what I tried:
  • Prime rib flatbread: The flatbread is thin and crisp but it’s really pretty great. Topped with a nice chopped prime rib cooked to a medium temperature and  a thin, crispy crust. A little arugula and balsamic vinegar tops it off nicely.
  • Tacos: With a nice grilled chicken and a salad of veggies, these mini tacos make great finger food. They could really use some kind of sauce though — there is no salsa or anything topping them and if you don’t ask for something on the side they come off a little dry.
  • Brie cheese: A cooked brie with some fixins; slices of apple and salad are a good medium to top the cheese, but what it really lacks is some kind of pita or bread or something, which it needs. Brie is a very strong flavor and without some medium it gets overwhelming.
  • Empanada: These are filled with plenty of meat and have a good texture. A little bland though.
  • Lettuce wraps: Topped with a little bit of pork belly, what really makes the dish special is that little bit of pineapple that tops the wraps. It gives a very refreshing crunch to an already great dish.
  • Candied bacon: A ridiculously good brunch item. The bacon is coated in brown sugar and baked, giving it a sticky sweet quality to it. An over-the-top way to start your day.

So all told the food is good. Not especially stunning though — some of the ingredients are quality, but in a larger sense it seems that what you’re paying for is the atmosphere. A lot more local places recreate that romantic and refined sense of restaurant for less. I don’t know that the spot really stands out for the price being worth what you’re getting. But the service is good and the people in the restaurant are efficient; the drinks are a little on the pricier side as well, but that makes sense given the atmosphere. All told, it’s a chain that brings a substantial menu, but I’d save this one for special occasions.


  • The apps are good, and there are happy hour specials to counteract the high prices.
  • The drinks made in house are good, notably a martini and a Moscow mule, both of which are excellent.
  • Fleming’s aims to be an upscale place, the prices are there but the food might not be, so I suggest making it a special occasion or business dining spot.

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