Mz. Pickles Sandwich Shop

17 South Main Street
Miamisburg, OH 45342
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This funny little sandwich shop concept has popped up in downtown Miamisburg, kind of a little storefront run by a nice little old lady, who make you a nice soup or sandwich to order. It’s funny how many nice restaurants are popped up in Miamisburg, and I can almost be easy to overlook this one. But little stores like this actually, are the kind of places that are going to remind you of what it’s like to be in a small town. The friendliness and charm, they just can’t be replaced in a place like this is going to remind you why small-town America is so nice.

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The menu has a good selection of different kinds of easy-to-carry dishes that you might find at a sandwich shop. Some of my favorites:

  • Chicago hot dog: The tried and true Chicago hot dog. One of several frank combos you can try at the restaurant, and topped with all the favorite toppings; mustard, onion, sport peppers, celery salt, tomato, pickle, and a frank that might not be the original Vienna option, but is very tasty nonetheless.
  • French dip: A roast beef sandwich topped with a sauce of your choice, including mayo, chipotle or a few others, and then served with a hot au jus dripping sauce that gives it a lot of character. The bread is a little less thick than french dip tends to be; so you might not be able to sponge up as much of that great sauce, but the thicker bread undoubtedly leaves you coming back for more.

The little Miamisburg storefront is very friendly and welcoming. Mz. Pickles herself, a warm little lady who cares very much about the food that she makes, is very conversational and seems to draw in a lot of people from the surrounding businesses as well as the Miamisburg community. As restaurants in the Dayton area go, this one tends to fly a bit under the radar, but nonetheless it is a great experience to try. I highly recommend giving it a go.


  • The storefront is very small, so I would recommend dining in with small parties only. That said the food here is good to go and Miamisburg has a lot of good places where you can walk.
  • The sandwiches are great, plenty of daily specials, and everything is priced in a very inexpensive way.
  • The service here is exceptionally nice. Be ready to make pleasant small talk!

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