Station House

8100 Clyo Rd.
Dayton, OH
websiteStation House (Centerville, OH)3 stars

While the Station House is a part of the expansive St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community south of Dayton, the restaurant is very much open to the public, and in fact it’s a spot that is frequented by people local to Centerville as well as the many residents of the community. While the Station House strives to be a restaurant where you can try just about anything, it succeeds best in bringing a laid back feel to lunch.

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As with many other general diner-type restaurants in town, the menu here is a pretty significant variety of items from steaks to burgers, breakfast foods, seafood and pizza. Consequently a lot of the things I’ve tried here have been seasonal or specials of the day that aren’t otherwise on the menu normally. Among them:

  • Catfish sandwich: Breaded catfish on a bun with a little bit of tartar sauce and the veggies. The preparation is pretty simple to let the catfish stand on its own merits, but the fish is flaky inside and crispy outside.
  • Asian short ribs: An Asian-inspired barbecue gives the ribs just a little taste of sweet as opposed to the smokiness you taste in a lot of ribs. But the texture is there, and the meat is very tender.
  • Pork ossobuco: This is an Italian dish of braised meat with white wine and broth. The ossobuco is great with pork, in fact it’s got a nice light sauce that makes the meat, which is already tender and juicy, really pop. A great item I wish I could see more often in this area.
  • Chocolate mousse: Of course a great dessert specialty, the chocolate mousse is velvety and very simple and straightforward. a good option to be sure.

Some of the other items can be hit and miss. I’m a fan of the sweet potato fries, especially because they come with a brown sugar butter. At the same time, the cole slaw is a little bland. The salads are sort of average, as are the baked potatoes.

It’s not the first place where you’d expect a restaurant to be sure, but in this part of Centerville there are only a few places to eat, so it makes sense that Station House is open and welcoming to the public. It’s got a lot of good dishes and I have found my experiences with this place to be positive.


  • This spot is most frequented by the residents of St. Leonard, and indeed it resides on the retirement community’s campus but it’s open and very welcome to the public.
  • A lot of safe items on the menu, of course you can get just about anything here. But look for the specialties and daily deals, a lot more foods can be tried.
  • I’m a fan of the entrees on the menu, but some of the sides can be hit and miss.

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