Laksa Asian Fusion

4770 Airway Rd.
Dayton, OH 45431
websiteLaksa Asian Fusion (Riverside, OH)3 stars

Asian Fusian concepts are a funny thing. They’re made for convenience, with a variety of the common popular dishes from Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese foods. But with them comes a charm, if the cook has mastered all of those cuisines. The Laksa Asian Fusion concept, set up east of Dayton, is an interesting example. Built in the former Linh’s Restaurant space, this spot aims to bring the most popular dishes in an approachable concept. I like the place for how easy it makes the many cuisines to understand. 

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As with many other Asian fusion concepts, this one has a little bit of everything; Thai basil next to curries, Chinese chicken dishes, Japanese pot stickers, lo mein and hot pots. I started safe and tried the popular dishes:

  • Steamed dumplings: Chinese style jiaozi steamed dumplings, filled with ground meat and vegetables. They’re served with a sweet sauce and make a very delightful light appetizer.
  • General Tso’s Chicken: The crowd favorite, of course, which comes in a very sweet sauce and served extra crispy. It comes in a heat level of one to five, I recommend getting it a little spicier, as that’s what really sets this one dish apart from the many other places in town that do it, too.
  • Pad Thai: Classic. Thai style noodles with a peanut sauce to keep them crispy, and grilled meat to add a little flare. The dish comes in lunch or dinner varieties, either is very filling.

Lunch specials are served Monday through Friday with cheaper prices, which is good because the spot has price points a bit above your average Chinese take-out spot. That said, the interior of the spot is a little higher range, and I’d argue the food shoots to be a little above average in terms of quality, too. 

The spot is especially busy during the weekday lunch time, because of the airmen from nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I would much recommend coming in a little bit later for lunch than you might normally if you plan to dine in, because the rush hits pretty hard at 11:30 and goes strong until 1:00. All told though, it’s a neat little concept, and it brings a lot of good dishes together in a simple and classy format. Worth a try. 


  • The spot is a dine-in establishment popular with the airmen from nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Be ready for a lunch rush.
  • The prices are a little higher than your average Chinese take out but I would argue the quality is higher too.
  • The spot lets you customize most dishes with spices, which I think add a lot to them. 

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