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Dayton Area Food Truck
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Dayton has got a lot of food trucks, but it’s only got one suck truck devoted entirely to cupcakes; that’s Go Cupcake, the pink van that pops up in all kinds of events and gatherings in Dayton during the warm months. With a tray of tasty-looking desserts that draw in passerby, and friendly owner Jenny Cox, Go Cupcake is hard to miss. Sampling the cupcakes, it’s no surprise that this little truck was an early addition to the local food truck scene that has since stuck around.

Go Cupcake (Cupcakes)

The cupcakes on the menu are a simple take on the wonderful and now popular concept. They’re made with a thick cake that is only slightly sweet, and the icing on the cake does most of the flavor. Go Cupcake’s flavor profile tends toward the chocolate and candy side of things, though its “Signature Strawberry” shouldn’t be ignored. A few of the cupcakes I’ve liked:

  • Chocolate chip cookie: Brown sugar frosting and a chocolate cupcake topped with a cookie. You’d think brown sugar wouldn’t make sense but actually it does, it brings that tasty “browned” flavor as the chocolate on the cake adds its own interesting bit.
  • Go chocolate chocolate: One of a few very simple cupcakes that are on the menu, the Go chocolate chocolate is nonetheless a great go-to. The icing has a rich and sweet-forward chocolate, while the cake has a bit of a more subtle chocolate to it. They go well together.
  • Oreo cookie: This one has a chocolate cake an frosting that reminds me a lot of cookies and cream ice cream. And a little Oreo on top, just to be fun.

The spot tends to move around a lot, and is more events driven than many of the other food trucks. It doesn’t keep a regular spot where it can always be found. That said, this is the food truck that is most likely to be spotted when there’s some kind of gathering in Dayton, whether it’s a food truck rally or a 5K or something else like it. But when you do spot this pink truck, it’ will make for a great dessert!
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