Pa’s Pork

Dayton-area Food Truck
PO Box 409 
St. Paris OH 43072
4 stars

Dayton’s food truck scene has brought out some really interesting food combinations as new restauranteurs bring fresh ideas and experienced cooks give the public a chance to try their cuisine. Definitely one of the funnier sets would be Pa’s Pork — the name sounds a lot like a food truck devoted to barbecue, but it’s also got a menu of German and European dishes, like pierogi, sauerkraut, and schnitzel. The truck is a seasonal one and can be found at events, but wherever you see it, it’s definitely worth a try.

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The menu has been prone to changes, but it seems to have about ten things to offer each day it’s out and about. Here’s some of my favorite dishes:

  • Pulled pork nachos: Topped with everything but the kitchen sink, these cheesy nachos feature guacamole, tomatoes, sour cream with chives, and onions. What really makes them rock is the pulled pork. It’s not smoked like some of the other meats, but it’s definitely fall-apart tender in a way that doesn’t take over the whole nachos. Sounds like an appetizer, but it’s filling like a meal.
  • Prague pierogi: The kind of pierogi you tend to find in this area are small and served in sauce. The prague pierogi, instead, is one large pastry, wrapped in a crispy dough and filled with a smoky pork, mushrooms, onions and cheese. The meat used in this dish is smoked, and I can tell you that it’s spot on with that. The cheese adds a texture and the spices a very small kick. But definitely a unique dish for the Dayton area.

As with all food trucks, this one is a walk-up establishment, but the folks inside are friendly, and they can of course package your food to eat or to go. I’m a big fan of the spot for its convenience, but that said it can be hard to track Pa’s Pork down on a daily basis. You’ll have to consult the truck’s Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest information on where it might be. When it finds its way there, you’ll definitely find this little food truck can deliver.


  • An interesting piece to the menu, Pa’s Pork does a “Brew Shroom Sandwich” which it makes with craft beer. Since Pa’s visits the breweries in Dayton frequently, it’s using the beer from that brewery the day of.
  • The German and Europen dishes are worth a try, most are Americanized in a way or bring in that delicious pork.
  • Follow Pa’s twitter to get a sense for where they might be next.

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